Karol Wojtyla - The true story, the musical at the Palapartenope in Naples

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cast of the musical on Karol Wojtyla

The musical on Karol Wojtyla also arrives at the Palapartenope in Naples and tells the extraordinary life of the Pope

Update - Show canceled

The show scheduled for the May 24 has been permanently canceled.
The refund of the tickets can be requested at the point of sale where the purchase was made no later than May 31st.


"Karol Wojtyla - The true story”Is a monumental work that wants to tell "The extraordinary life of a man and a pontiff who left the marks of his evangelical mission".

It is a real one new boom in musicals that will be staged on 24st May at the Palapartenope in Naples and which will retrace the main stages in the life of Pope John Paul II. The narrative takes hold from May 13, 1981, the date that "wanted" to change the fate of Wojtyla and contemporary history: theattempt Piazza San Pietro. Following a discharge of bullets, John Paul II falls into the arms of the Secretary Mons. Dziwisz and faints.

From this moment on, the piéce begins to reveal to us the most significant and moving moments of the life of the Pope, in a narrative divided into two acts. During the first, we learn about the childhood of Wojtyla, born in Wadowice and where, in 1929, the year in which the work began, he was only 9 years old. From this moment, until 1938, the events that see him as protagonist will be told until theadolescence.

scene of the musical on Pope John Paul II

The second act, on the other hand, is more full of episodes, because the presentation of dramatic events involving the story of the life of Wojtyla is intertwined all of humanity: from the war to the Nazi regime, from the tragic deportations to the hard work in the stone quarry, passing through the communist regime. Through this path, you will also discover his passion for art, theater, literature and the journey towards vocation.

The world premiere was held in Krakow on April 2 and the musical will be presented in Poland for many dates, even to Italy. In the role of Karol Wojtyla there will be four actors which, depending on the scenes to be dealt with, will alternate on stage.

Information on the musical Karol Wojtyla - The true story

When: 24 May 2014
Where: Palapartenope
Schedule: 21.00

  • First central sector: 34.50 €
  • Second central sector: 29.90 €
  • Third side sector: 25.30 €
  • Fourth side sector: 19.55 €
  • Numbered grandstand: 29.90 €
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