[Update] The Laziale Gallery in Naples reopens Saturday 25 November 2017, finished the first part of works

Works at the Lazio Gallery in Naples
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25 November 2017 will re-open the Laziale Gallery in Naples and the two-way will start in the Quattro Giornate Gallery.

Warning! The gallery has been reopened in advance as well as the Galleria Quattro Giornate, after a few hours of closure.

The news of reopening of Lazio Gallery in Naples scheduled for Saturday 25 November 2017 comes following the meeting between Mario Calabrese, Councilor for Mobility, the technical services of the Municipality of Naples and the heads of RFI who are taking care of the works on the tunnel.

So the opening will take place earlier than expected because the The first part of the work to make safety was carried out pretty fast. Furthermore, the Municipality also learns that, together with the opening of the Lazio Gallery, the dopium sense of travel in the Galleria Quattro Giornate so s will allow the second phase of work in the Laziale, which will take place only at night for about one to two months.

With this measure it will be possible to make the second phase of the work, which concerns the extraordinary maintenance, so as not to create further inconveniences on the traffic that heads towards the city center from Fuorigrotta.

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