The welfare state at Feltrinelli in Naples to present their novel

the welfare state
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At the Feltrinelli in Naples the novel of The Social State will be presented

Il 27 September 2019 it will be possible to attend the Feltrinelli of Naples the presentation of the novel de The Social State, a very important group of the current musical panorama succeeding every time they release a record or do a concert to attract an increasingly large audience. Feltrinelli, an important chain of Italian bookstores, on the occasion of this presentation will offer a promotion that cannot be missed.

Lo Social State is an Italian music band composed of Lodovico Guenzi, Alberto Cazzola and Alberto Guidetti form the original nucleus to which Francesco Draicchio and Enrico Roberto joined. In 2018 they came in second place at the San Remo Festival but this musical band has always proved multifaceted by going to participate in the film Sentimento Estero - in Beware of the Gorilla of 2019 and two graphic novels: Andrea and the movement is stopped. This book represents a sort of culmination of their wandering from one art to another.

Lo Social State then he will wait for you at the Feltrinelli bookshop in via Santa Caterina a Chiaia, 23 ang. Piazza dei Martiri and who on this occasion will buy the book will have a priority pass for the signature copy of the novel.

Information on The Social State. The novel - the Feltrinelli Naples

Where: via Santa Caterina a Chiaia, 23 ang. Piazza dei Martiri, Naples

When: 27 September 2019

Timetable: from 18,30 to 20: 30

Prices: free admission

For information and registration: Facebook| phone number: 02 9194 7777

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