Bad weather in Campania: slowdowns on 163 due to landslide in Maiori

landslide on the 163 Amalfi
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Bad weather in Campania strikes again causing serious damage on the Amalfi road 163 at the junction for the Municipality of Montepertuso (near Maiori).

Large blocks of the rocky ridge at the edge of the road they broke off in the course of the night, roughly around 2:30 on the night between 4 and 5 December 2021.

Fortunately, there were no vehicles in transit and there were no injuries, but the alert remains high for the danger that has now escaped.

Regular traffic, the situation returned already in the morning

At the moment there are very slight slowdowns in what the clearing operations have already been carried out from the Anas. There is an alternating two-way street regulated by a traffic light, in order to allow the safety of the rock face, obviously an extremely urgent operation.

It is not the first time that our territory is affected by heavy rains, which are still expected for the whole of next week.

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