Mare Fuori il Musical, here is the cast, dates and cities of the tour

Sea off the musical

Given the enormous success of television series Mare Fuori, the producers have decided to propose a very different version of this show, turning it into a Musical, in which they will participate the actors of the series and numerous artists.

Sea Outside: The Musical is set to release later this year with a tour which will move throughout Italy. Here are all the details.

Who are the stars of the cast of “Mare Fuori, The Musical”

Il cast of this ambitious project presents a combination of familiar faces and new talents. Some of original members of the television cast they will return to relive their roles, ensuring a certain degree of continuity and familiarity.

  • Maria Esposito like Rosa Ricci
  • Enrico Tijiani like Doberman
  • Antonio Orefice like Totò
  • Joseph Pirozzi like Micciarella
  • Antonio D'Aquino like Milos

The new talents in the musical “Mare Fuori” arrive from “Amici”

In addition to veterans of the series, the musical will welcome new faces, many of which emerged from the well-known television program "Friends".

Giulia Molino e Matthias Zenzola, both with significant entertainment experience, were announced as part of the cast.

It's not uncommon to see talents emerge from “Friends” and land in highly visible projects like this one, demonstrating how the program is an effective platform for discovering new artists.

Mare Fuori, the Musical here are the 7 Italian cities on the 2023/2024 tour

The musical's national tour is another noteworthy aspect. From 14th December, with the first performance scheduled for Augusteo Theater of Naples, the musical will move through seven Italian cities: Naples, Ragusa, Turin, Milan, Bari, Rome and Bologna.

Each stage represents an opportunity for reach a different audience and to adapt the work to unique contexts and atmospheres, from the north to the south of the country. This choice also reflects the intent to make the work accessible and bring art to as wide an audience as possible.

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