Matteo Salvini, citizenship income stop for 6 months: the details

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The new government does not look favorably on the Basic income and now Matteo Salvini has made a new proposal, but what does the latter foresee, what could really happen to the Basic income? Let's see in the specific.

Matteo Salvini's proposal provides for mass on hiatus of income for six months. In this way such a stop would allow to save 1 billion euros to the state to then allow the early retirement at 61 years old. The Basic income, however, it would be suspended exclusively for people who have the ability to work: we are talking about approx 900.000 earners.

Il Basic income will it be suspended?

Salvini's proposal is not new, but had already been anticipated in the book by Bruno Vespa which will be released soon (November 4, 2022).

His proposal is very simple: stop 6 months income to those who can work to pay the money on the 102 share 102 quota allows you to retire at the age of 61 (41 years of contributions).

We do not know if the proposal will be considered, but if it were to be, there would be many people "able to work " who would find themselves in great difficulty. In fact, being “capable” of working does not mean being able to find work, especially in this historical period of profound crisis.

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