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 To spend unforgettable evenings in the company of excellent live music, here are ten places not to be missed!

If you love spending your evenings listening live music, in Naples the offer is really very wide. Whether you want to relax on the notes of a piano, or you want to pog near the stage, you will be satisfied. You can listen to many different genres and particular performances with the possibility of drinking and eating. The most popular genres of Neapolitan nightlife range from pop to rock, from alternative to grunge, up to jazz, blues and metal. In terms of music, therefore, the city Neapolitan is rich in bands, established or debutants, able to transport the Neapolitan public in unique atmospheres that cross the history of Italian and foreign music at 360 degrees.

In this regard, among the many local present in Naples, we point out i 10 considered best where to listen to live music.


Goodfellas is very popular because of the good live performances which proposes, combined with the possibility of drink first quality beer. The most anticipated events are those of the tribute bands - U2, Queen and Led Zeppelin in the lead. Contests for emerging musicians are also held in the venue. It is also possible to eat comfortably seated, given the presence of some tables.

Where: Via R. Morghen, 34 bis - 80129 Naples
Timetables: every day 20:30 - 2:00, Fri-Sat until 3:00
Contacts: 340 9225475; Facebook page
Price: € €


Hades - Live Music Pub | The restaurant closed its doors


The Hades is a real must for those who like to spend the weekend full of fun good live music. The famous restaurant in the heart of Vomero is very popular with lovers of rock played live good cooking (with the possibility to customize your own sandwich) and of the beer. The beauty of this place lies in the presence of a large stage and a lot of free space in front of it, in order to allow the best viewing and listening of the band on duty.

Where: Via V. Gemito, 20 - 80128 Naples
Timetables: every day 20: 00-3: 00
Contacts: 081-1925 6837; Facebook page
Price: € €

Bourbon Street - Jazz Club

bourbon street

If you love the Live Jazz in the company of a good drink, Bourbon Street is the right place. The small room with soft lights is among the best in Naples where listen to Jazz and related genres strictly live. On the stage alternate Italian and foreign artists and particularly appreciated are the jam session. The acoustics are excellent and the prices are cheap, the environment is relaxing and elegant, suitable for all those who want to spend a quiet evening and high level, without the noise of the usual pubs.

Where: Via Bellini, 52 - 80135 Naples
Timetables: every day 20: 30-4: 00
Contacts: 338 8253756; Facebook page
Price: € €


Cellar Theory

Small and local crop near the Necklace Stadium, the Cellar is a great choice to spend a quiet evening even midweek. Wide selection of beers and spirits to be enjoyed while you are intent to listen to the band or to share with friends. Also here are periodically called musical contests.

Where: Vico Acitillo, 58 - 80128 Naples
Contacts: 349 514 3516; Facebook page
Price: € €


Local eclectic of the historic center, it is one of the major meeting places of the nightlife of Bellini area. It is a spacious and welcoming cocktail bar, lounge, literary cafe, attentive to any form of art, from music, to the most varied performances, to photography.

Where: Via Vincenzo Bellini, 45 - Naples
Timetables: lun 10:00-18:00, mar-gio 10:00-1:00, ven 10:00-2:00, sab 19:00-2:00, dom 19:00-1:00
Contacts: 081-564 8902; Facebook page 
Price: € €


The Asylum - Former Asilo Filangieri

Live music at the Asilo Filangieri

Photo by Pietro Scolorato

Born in the former Filangieri nursery school, which offers many events, weekly courses and activities live musical evenings. The annual is very successful Festibàl, a series of live events of traditional and folk music of the Mediterranean countries, and in particular of Southern Italy.

Where: Vico Giuseppe Maffei, 4 - 80138 Naples
ContactsFacebook page


Live music at the Kestè in Naples

It is one of the most famous places in the historic center, synonymous with the entire square on which it overlooks. In underground style, it attracts an audience formed mostly by students from nearby universities. Live performances are frequent and very varied.

Where: Largo San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli, 26 - Naples
Timetables: Mon-Thu 10: 00-2: 00, Fri 10: 00-4: 00, Sat 18:30 - 4:00, Sun 18:30 - 2:00
Contacts: 081-781 0034; Facebook page


Blue Around Midnight Jazz Club

Live music at the Blue Around Midnight in Naples

Photo of Romolo Pizi

The local historian of Vomero, has recently changed its management maintaining unchanged the characteristics that make this place a quality place to listen to live music at a high level. The music played is jazz, but not only, and it is possible have dinner sitting at the table.

Where: Via Giuseppe Bonito, 32 - 80129 Naples
Timetables: every day 18: 00-2: 00, Monday closed
Contacts: 3293103856; 081-8370171; Facebook page
Price: € €

Lanificio 25

Live music at the 25 Lanificio in Naples

Thanks to its concerts and activities it is bringing to life an area of ​​Naples that has always been out of consideration in terms of evenings and events. Inside the former factory, although the space is not the most suitable, they take place performance of many artists, established or not, attracting the public from all areas of Naples.

Where: Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 46 - Naples
Timetables: Tue-Thu 15: 00-19: 00, Fri-Sat 21: 00-2: 00, Sun and Mon Closed
Contacts: 081-658 2915; Facebook page



Live music at Nabilah

One of the most popular places, especially in the summer season for its diversification in the offer and for the enchanting location in which it stands. Located directly on the beach, it is a mostly external place that allows you to enjoy the sea view while listening to music and dancing on stage.

Where: Via Spiaggia Romana, 15 - Bacoli
Contacts:; Facebook page
Price: € €

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