Muschio Selvaggio belongs to Luis Sal and not to Fedez, the court has decided


In an already complicated moment for Fedez, another piece of news arrives that shakes up the Ferragnez panorama: the podcast Wild Moss it is no longer his. After a legal back and forth with the ex-friend Luis Sal, the verdict is clear.

the court entrusted wild moss to luis sal

Wild Moss, the digital son of Fedez and Luis Sal, has a new single parent. The collaboration between the two, once a symbol of friendship and creativity, ended up in court, turning into a real feud.

Accusations flew, tensions mounted and in the end, the court cut it short: Wild Moss is by Luis Sal. Fedez he must pass the keys to the kingdom, or rather, the shares. A hard blow for the rapper, who is already sailing in stormy waters.

Will Fedez permanently lose Muskio Selvaggio?

Secondo Tgcom24, Judge Amina Simonetti's ruling leaves no room for interpretation. Luis Sal now reigns supreme Wild Moss.

What move will Fedez make? The door is still open: accept the sentence and take a step back or raise the bar and challenge fate again? The rapper is at a crossroads. Options are on the table, but one thing is for sure: the fight for Wild Moss it's far from over. The next chapter in this saga is eagerly awaited. Is Fedez ready to rewrite the rules of the game?

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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