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A marathon will be held in Naples on Sunday 26 February which will result in the closure of some streets in Naples. Here are which and also which are the suspended lines of ANM.

La Naples City Half Marathon is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular races in Italy, thanks to the breathtaking view that the runners during their run. For such an occasion, which will fall on 26 February 2023, a traffic device from the Municipality of Naples which, accordingly, he obliged ANM to insert some limitations for its wheeled vehicles.

Traffic device of the Naples City Half Marathon

On 26 February 2023: from 8:30 to 13:30 and in any case until the need ceases:

Prohibition of vehicular transit

  • Il prohibition of vehicular transit and circulation in the stretches of roads below listed and from time to time affected by percorso of the marathon:
  • Avenue JF Kennedy
  • Via Giulio Cesare
  • Lazio Gallery
  • Via Francesco Caracciolo
  • Via Partenope
  • Via Nazario Sauro
  • Via Admiral Ferdinando Acton
  • Via Christopher Columbus
  • Via Nuova Marina
  • Via Amerigo Vespucci
  • Via Ponte della Maddalena
  • Via Alessandro Volta
  • Via Nuova Marina
  • Via Marquis Campodisola
  • Piazza Bovio
  • Corso Umberto I (stretch between piazza Bovio and the intersection with via Egiziaca in Forcella)
  • Via Agostino Depretis
  • Piazza Municipio
  • Victory Gallery
  • Via Giorgio Arcoleo
  • Piazza Vittoria
  • Piazzale Tecchio
  • In piazzale Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, in the car park in front of the Stadium facing the Sector Distinti, a parking area for vehicles used for public transport (buses);
  • From 7:00 to 12:00 and in any case until the need ceases, the prohibition of vehicular transit of Laziale gallery and in the Vittoria gallery;
  • From 01:00 to 12:00 and in any case until the need ceases, the ban vehicular; in avenue JF Kennedy;
  • From 18:00 on 25/02/2022 to 12:00 on 26 February 2022 and in any case until the need ceases, the Do not stop with forced removal in viale JF Kennedy and piazzale Tecchio, with the suspension of regulated paid parking areas without custody (so-called blue lines);


  • The areas reserved for vehicle parking in non-scheduled public service (taxi) in via Partenope e in via Santa Lucia;
  • The area of vehicle parking used for collective public transport (bus) in the square Campi Flegrei

ANM restrictions for the Napoli City Half Marathon

Below, you will find the scheduled changes to the surface service ANM after limitations to the transit imposed during the Naples City Half Marathon of February 26 2023 active from hours 08:30 to 12:30 PM.

List of suspended lines

  •  Lines 2-202-154: suspended from the start of service at around 12:30;
  •  R2 and 151 lines: between 08:00 and 12:30 along corso Garibaldi Superiore, piazza Carlo III, via Foria, via Pessina, piazza Dante, via Toledo, via C. Battisti, piazza Matteotti, via Diaz, via Medina, piazza Municipio, via Vittorio Emanuele III, piazza Trieste and Trento and back;
  • Alibus line: limits operation to the Airport-Garibaldi section. Once in Piazza Garibaldi, it only stops near the parking area, goes along via Torino, via Firenze and returns to the airport. Direct Port-Airport journeys will also be carried out which will involve the internal port viability;
  • Lines 116-175-196: on the way back to Brin, they limit the route to the Lucci-Ferraris roundabout;
  • Lines 195: coming from via Argine, go along via Volta, turn left onto Lucci, piazza Garibaldi central lane with inversion in piazza Mancini, piazza Garibaldi, Lucci, via Ferraris, via Gianturco, inversion in piazza s. Erasmus and his own path;
  • Lines 201: (operated by bus) limits the route to via Diaz-Monteoliveto;
  • Line 204: operates by bus) limits the route to via Diaz- Monteoliveto;
  •  Line 254: (operated by bus) Coming from via Nicolini, upon reaching piazza Garibaldi, turn left into vialone Centrale, Corso Lucci, via Ferraris, via Gianturco, reversal at Sant'Erasmo and proper route; coming from Portici unchanged route but with transit outside the lane in the via Volta – via Vespucci section;
  •  612 Line: departing from Pianura, from via Consalvo it goes along viale Augusto, piazzale Tecchio, via GB Marino, via Leopardi, via Bixio and its own route;
  • Line 128: suspended (in operation NC line)
  • Line 140: from Capo Posillipo, it limits the run in via Caracciolo with a U-turn at the intersection with via Mergellina (after the ANM station);
  • C16 Line: move the attestation to piazza Sannazzaro where it limits the route without reaching Mergellina;
  • C21 Line: does not bet in piazza Sannazzaro;
  • R7 line: from Bagnoli, after having traveled via Cavalleggeri, turn onto via Diocleziano, via Nuova Agnano, go along via Terracina, via De Gennaro, via Marino, via Leopardi, via Doria, viale Augusto, via Marino, via Leopardi, via Cinthia, height inversion San Paolo park via Terracina, via Nuova Agnano on via Diocleziano, via Cavalleggeri and its own route.
  • Le linee 181-R6-502-618-C1: they move the terminus to the parking area of ​​Largo Atleti Azzurri di Italia in front of the Maradona stadium – distinct sector height – with consequent variation of the routes.

The implementation times of the provisions are to be considered indicative and subject to variations based on the evolution of the event and the progressive closure/reopening to traffic of the roads involved.

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