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Italy takes the field a new initiative to combat the difficulties of many families in eating healthily, introducing the Food Income in four pilot cities, among which Napoli. The program aims to provide concrete support to families and to individuals in difficulty, offering them food parcels or shopping vouchers. In a context of growing economic challenges, this initiative represents an important step towards reducing poverty and ensuring equitable access to food resources.

Naples among the 4 cities that will experience the Food Income

Naples is confirmed among the Italian cities selected to experience the Food Income. The choice is not random; reflects the specifications socio-economic needs of the region and the intention to effectively direct assistance to those who need it most. The city, with its rich cultural heritage and unique challenges, thus becomes a living laboratory to test the impact and effectiveness of such support measures.

What is the food income?

Il Food Income is a government initiative that provides economic aid for the purchase of food to families and individuals in vulnerable situations. Through food parcels distributed or redeemable shopping vouchers, the program aims to ensure that no one is left without access to healthy and nutritious food, directly addressing the problem of food insecurity.

The goals

The objectives of the Food Income are multiple: reducing food poverty, promoting access to quality food for everyone and support families in economic difficulty. The program aims to create a social safety net that not only addresses immediate needs, but also contributes to long-term well-being for vulnerable communities.

Who is entitled to food package?

The right to food package is determined by specific criteria of eligibility, aimed at identifying those in need. The beneficiaries include:

  • Low-income families, with insufficient income to cover essential food expenses.
  • Unemployed, without stable sources of income.
  • Elderly people with minimal pensions, who struggle to sustain themselves.
  • Families with dependent minors, seeking support to ensure adequate nutrition.
  • People with disabilities, who face obstacles in obtaining food.

How to apply for the food income

The procedure for accessing the Food Income does not follow the traditional online application route. Instead, potential beneficiaries are invited to make a reservation through an app specifically for mobile devices, or by addressing them directly Municipalities of Metropolitan Cities involved. The latter, together with participating Third Sector organisations, play a crucial role in facilitating access to the programme.

It is important to underline that the exact methods of participationand, as well as the detailed directives from the municipal administrations, will be communicated over time, presumably by the end of 2024.

Food Income App

A key element of this initiative is the development of an IT application, funded as part of the Food Income 2024 according to Decree n.78 of 26 May 2023. This app aims to improve the accessibility and management of the program for users, including features such as tracking donated products and the possibility of home delivery for those in need.

Although the app is not yet available, its operational details will be defined in future directives published by the General Directorate for the fight against poverty and for social programming, updates on which we will keep you informed.

When the food income

The availability of the Food Income for the year 2024 was confirmed with the publication of the relevant document Decree and announcement 1/2023, aimed specifically at the Metropolitan Cities of Genoa, Florence, Naples and Palermo. Residents of these cities can begin submitting their requests starting from 5 February 2024, having time until March 31 2024 to complete the procedure.

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