Naples, Monopoly MANN edition: a thousand collector's copies for sale

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Il National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) becomes the first Italian museum to present a collector's edition of the famous board game Monopoly, with only a thousand copies made and intended for sale.

Designed by archaeologist Mario grimaldi and edited graphically by Antonella Colucci and Silvia Neri, the MANN Monopoly is distinguished by the careful customization of all elements of the game, from scoreboard pawns, passing through the Contingency and Probability cards.

Sul scoreboard, players will be able to find the permanent sections of the Museum, including the soon to be opened Campania Romana, and advance through the rooms admiring some of the most famous and representative pieces.

The special edition of Monopoly was realized in collaboration with Winning Moves, English company authorized by Hasbro, owner of the Monopoly rights, to produce special editions of the game.

Monopoly MANN: where to buy

The limited edition of Monopoly MANN is available at museum bookshop at the cost of 69 € and will soon be available for purchase online as well. Proceeds from sales will be used for finance the restoration of Pompeian safes, as explained by the director of the museum, Paolo Giulierini.

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