Naples, Montesanto funicular stop on 11 February. The times

Montesanto funicular Naples

There comes a short stop for the Montesanto funicular. Sunday February 11 2024, there will be a suspension temporary service for part of the morning. But for what reason? It deals with of the felling of two ancient cedars converted to ensure safety and continuity in service. An extraordinary operation that shows attention to maintenance and the importance of care of public spaces. Take note and plan your trips accordingly!

At what times does the Montesanto Funicular in Naples close on February 11th

The next 11 February, on a Sunday morning, there Montesanto funicular in Naples he will observe a break from his usual races. Here are the main details:

  • Suspension time: Give her 7:00 10:00.
  • Motivation: Felling of two majestic cedars located along the funicular route.
  • Authorization: Procedure authorized byGreen office of the Municipality of Naples.
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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