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Naples Theater Festival
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The Napoli Teatro Festival lands online: the best shows of the 2020 summer edition visible in streaming for free!

Just this summer, the thirteenth edition of the Naples Theater Festival, the festival that takes place as usual in the Neapolitan city and in Campania and is dedicated, as the name suggests, to the theater.

The 2020 edition of the Festival took place in some of the most beautiful places in Naples and Campania presenting 130 shows divided into 10 sections and 28 theatrical premieres.

Currently, due to the closure of theaters and cinemas, the Napoli Teatro Festival has made available to the public the opportunity to see, for free, some of the best shows staged this summer during the thirteenth edition of the Festival sui online platforms dedicated.

Naples Theater Festival online

The shows made available by the Napoli Teatro Festival will be visible for free on Official site of the review, on CR channelsC, on Digital Terrestrial Channel 620, on the official App and finally on the platform Entertainment Media Library. Here are the shows available:

  • Waiting room-The Waiting Room, directed by Ettore De Lorenzo
  • Why Read the classics by Italo Calvino, with Francesco Montanari, Guglielmo Poggi and directed by Davide Sacco.
  • Seventh Sense, from A Tale By Ruggero Cappuccio directed by Nadia Baldi
  • The mystique of the cosmos, mezzo-soprano and artistic direction Raffaella Ambrosino
  • Li Canti della Gatta Cinderella project by Ambrogio Sparagna
  • The Magic Door, directed by Giada Colagrande
  • One Person - Or how Fernando discovered he was Luigi, a musical show by Roberta Rossi
  • Background noise by Ivo Parlati and Nadia Baldi
  • Concert between writing and transcription, by Roberto De Simone
  • All the nights of a day, concert between writing and transcription by Alberto Conejero
  • Resurrexit Cassandra, directed by Jan Fabre
  • Y-Saidnaya, directed by Ramzi Choukair.


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