Naples, find the stolen motorcycle on an ad site: 30-year-old arrested

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When you suffer a theft often the hope to find one's own good is very low, as is morale.
Sometimes there are stories of good endings that rekindle hope: this time it's thanks determination and perspicacity of a man who was able to locate his stolen motorcycle and arrest the salesman who had attempted to sell it.

Thanks to the work of the police, it was possible expose a scam and put an end to the criminal's illicit activity.

The identification of the stolen motorcycle on all classifieds sites

A man from the suburbs of Naples, Bacoli, turned to the competent authorities to report the theft of his motorcycle. A few months later, surfing online without ever stopping looking for her, recognized his vehicle in a sale ad on a classifieds site.

The bike featured unique characteristics that could not be accidental. The agents then contacted the seller and set a trap to test their guess.

The trap organized by the police and the change of documents and license plate

The plainclothes officers organized an appointment with the seller, from the area of ​​San Giovanni a Teduccio, to view the bike for sale. When the man showed up at the meeting point, the cops confirmed that it was the stolen bike, but with Polish number plate and papers to hide the origin of the medium.

The chassis number it didn't match to the original one, which further made the agents suspicious. The trap worked and the man was immediately captured and identified like a 30 year old Ukrainian.

The discovery and arrest of the seller

Inspection of the seller's home brought discovering another bike with the modified chassis number, for which the man was unable to provide any plausible explanation as to its provenance.

Later, the criminal was arrested and charged with receiving stolen goods on the loose.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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