White night at Healthcare with 99 Posse, Foja, Rosario Miraggio and many others

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The White Night at Healthcare was supposed to take place on 5 January 2023, but the event was postponed. The big party “Sanità-Tà-Tà The Night of Music in the Rione Sanità” will be held Friday January 20 2023 and will close the Christmas program “See Naples and then Torni”.

For the celebrations, the district will be closed from via Crociferi (Vergini entrance) to the Sanità bridge. The third municipality of Naples, in collaboration with the San Gennaro Community Foundation and the artistic direction of Massimo Jovine, has organized a new White Night which this time will be held at Health.

The event in addition to turn night into day, will be a long musical show with live music, DJ sets and multiple artists who will perform in various areas of the municipality.

Music locations

These are the areas chosen where it will be possible live music e Dj set:

  • health square,
  • via Fuori Porta in San Gennaro,
  • Piazzetta Crociferi,
  • via Virgins 55,
  • via Critallini 78,
  • via Mercy,
  • Via Sanità Gradoni,
  • Palazzo De Liguoro,
  • Bar Sisu in via San Gennaro dei Poveri 25

The artists who will perform at the white night at the Sanità

There will be many, and very popular, artists who will animate the white night of Sanita. Among the most important names we can immediately identify the famous 99 posse, the Foja e Valerio Jovine.

Here is the full list:

  • 99 Posse
  • Foja
  • Rosario Miraggio
  • Mark Calone
  • Valerio Jovine
  • Emiliana Cantone
  • Andrea Tartaglia
  • Blue
  • Gabriel Esposito
  • M
  • Renato Biancardi (Popp ICE)
  • Pepe Oh
  • Milena Bristle
  • Roberto Lama
  • Mara J
  • Gaie
  • Maddalena Sorrentino
  • Frederick of Naples
  • Fixed Nail
  • Mirko Dionysus
  • N'DRÈ
  • Fabio Gargano
  • Enzo Picone
  • Angelo
  • Marika Cecere
  • Renato May
  • Joseph Madonna
  • Sabbath
  • Pino Giordano
  • Tony Riva

The event will be followed live by the speakers of Radio Marte.

  • Where: Health
  • When: Saturday January 20 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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