Night of Art 2015 in Naples, the first advances

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Also this year the 2015 Night of Art will take place in December and will be dedicated to Peace

The next 12 December 2015 the extraordinary will take place Night of Art 2015 - The culture of Peace, in the area of ​​the 2 Municipality, Old Town, which includes the neighborhoods Avvocata, Montecalvario, Mercato, Pendino, Porto and S. Giuseppe.

In full Christmas atmosphere, in these ancient places will be organized cultural and entertainment events that will treat the difficult theme of peace analyzing the essential aspects for the realization of a peaceful coexistence, such as the role of religion, the role of women, the role of communities.

As in previous editions of the event, which have had an incredible following, even on this occasion is the premises that museums and means of transport they will work at different and prolonged times, in effect throughout the night. A long and magical night, which will involve us with surprising initiatives of all kinds and for all tastes.

We remember, for example, last year the many concerts organized, the free visits, the open churches and the museums involved with many initiatives.

Anyone wishing to make their own artistic-cultural proposals to contribute to the realization of the event can follow the indications provided by the Municipality of Naples.

Information on the 2015 Art Night

When: 12 December 2015
Where: historical center of Naples

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