Paestum, a dip in the blue: the Autism Friendly path of the Archaeological Park of Paestum continues

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The Museum of Paestum is Autism Friendly: the special museum tour "Un Tuffo nel Blu" starts again

Every third Sunday of the month, or by booking, you can participate in educational visits A dip in the blue. These are visits that are part of the itinerary Autism Friendly of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, aimed at families and schools who want to know the beauty and history of this extraordinary place.

The visit starts from the deposits of the Museum and continues along the exhibition halls where it is possible to admire some finds from theancient Poseidonia and learn the history and culture of the Magna Grecia. A truly unmissable opportunity, thanks to which it is possible to spend hours immersed in art and archeology, with an eye to accessibility and inclusion. As stated by the Director Zuchtriegel, indeed: "We continue to work onaccessibility and oninclusion, knowing that there is still much to do, but also that with small concrete steps you can achieve important goals".

Thanks to the Autism Friendly path of the Archaeological Park of Paestum in collaboration with the cooperative Il Tulipano - Cilento4all and the Tuffo nel Blu initiative, everyone will have the opportunity to live a truly unique experience of its kind. During the visit, moreover, you can take advantage of the use of innovative tools and participate in gods WORKSHOPS ad hoc.

Information about A dive into the blue

When: Every third Sunday of the month or by reservation

Where: Archaeological Park of Paestum - Via Magna Grecia, 919 - Capaccio (SA)

Info and contacts: mail or +39342 6327019 XNUMX.

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