Easter and Easter Monday, the red dot traffic days and motorways

City Highway Traffic at Sunset

With the start of the Easter and Easter Monday celebrations, traffic on the main Italian motorways intensifies and days with a red dot are expected.

Traffic situation on different days

  • Good Friday: day of intense traffic both for holidays and for work. Traffic ban for vehicles over 7,5 tonnes from 14 to 22 pm.
  • Saturday: high traffic with possible problems especially in the morning. Stop for vehicles over 7,5 tons from 9 to 16.
  • Easter (Sunday 9 April): quieter situation, but still heavy traffic in the morning. Prohibition for heavy vehicles from 9 to 22.
  • Easter Monday: return of the red dots and heavy traffic on the main Italian motorways for the whole day.

The busiest motorways over the Easter weekend

Here are some of the most critical Italian motorways during the Easter and Easter Monday periods, where it is advisable to pay particular attention due to the intense traffic:

  1. A1 Milan-Naples: also known as the Autostrada del Sole, it connects the north and south of the peninsula and is particularly crowded during the holidays.
  2. A14 Bologna-Taranto: called Autostrada Adriatica, it connects the towns of the Adriatic coast and can present traffic jams especially in the vicinity of the exits for the seaside cities.
  3. A3 Naples-Reggio Calabria: it crosses southern Italy and can be congested, especially in the stretches near the tourist resorts of Calabria and Campania.
  4. A4 Turin-Trieste: also known as Autostrada Serenissima, it crosses northern Italy and connects the main cities of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. It can be particularly busy near the cities of Venice, Verona and Milan.
  5. A22 Modena-Brenner: the Brenner motorway connects Italy with Austria and can be congested in sections near mountain resorts and Alpine passes.

The advice of the State Police to travel safely

Before the trip:

  1. Check the efficiency of the vehicle
  2. Arrange your luggage rationally
  3. Identify a correct position for the transport of animals
  4. Avoid large meals and alcohol
  5. Be sufficiently rested
  6. Keep up to date with traffic conditions

During the trip:

  1. Keep your seat belts fastened
  2. Use child seats
  3. Avoid distractions while driving
  4. Make frequent stops
  5. Respect the speed limits
  6. Keep a safe distance
  7. Use caution when overtaking
  8. Do not use the emergency lane, except in case of extreme need
  9. Travel in the first lane and use the others only for overtaking
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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