Why does contracting the abdominal muscles reduce tachycardia?

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In the Sanremo final Fiorello he said that contracting the abdominal muscles reduces tachycardia, but how does it work?

THEactivation of the vagus nerve, through actions such as lo squinting , contraction of the abdominal muscles, plays a key role in the modulation of heart rate. This method takes advantage of the properties of the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calm and rest, positively influencing the heart rhythm.

Increased vagal tone

The stimulation of vagus nerve through specific gestures it can increase vagal tone, significantly contributing to the decrease in heart rate. This activity falls within the functions of parasympathetic system, which acts by moderating the state of rest and digestion.

Stimulation of baroreflexion

The mechanism of baroreflexion it is essential in regulating blood pressure and heart rate. Activation of the vagus nerve, in response to signals from pressure receptors located in the carotid arteries and aortic sinus, induces a reduction in heart rate , dilation of blood vessels, thus facilitating a lowering of pressure.

Effects of oxytocin

THEoxytocin, a hormone linked to processes such as breastfeeding and childbirth, also plays a role in heart rate regulation. Vagal stimulation can promote the release of oxytocin, which helps control tachycardia.

Cognitive distraction

Practices like it squinting , contraction of the abdominal muscles they can offer a distraction from the symptoms of tachycardia, inducing a relaxing effect that results in an indirect reduction in heart rate.

Additional tips for managing tachycardia

  • Deep breathing: Adopting deep breathing techniques can activate the parasympathetic system, reducing the heart rate.
  • Muscle relaxation: Techniques such as progressive relaxation or yoga can improve cardiac well-being.
  • Physical Activity: Maintaining a regular exercise regimen is beneficial for heart health.
  • Avoid stimulants: Limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption can have positive effects on heart rate.
  • Adequate sleep: Ensuring sufficient night's rest is essential for heart health.
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