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Coupons and Offers on Naples | 27 May / 02 June 2013 | Address Book

Our weekly address book, which offers the best offers to be exploited for Naples and its province, is enriched by a new appointment. There last week we focused on Wrestling, good food and the virtual museum of Herculaneum; let's find out, now, what's good among them Offers these days.

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Relax and Sushi

What's better than a day spent in complete relaxation, combined with the pleasure of good food served in an elegant and tasty? Allow yourself a few hours like that and you will be totally regenerated. Deva Wellness, in Naples, offers you a path of 3 hours, in pair, including a Turkish bath, a hot tub, emotional shower, relaxation area with futon beds, holistic massage and many other amenities. In addition, you will be offered prosecco and a sushi boat.

Price: 29 €, instead of 284 €
Deadline: 28/05/2013

Link | Groupon - Spa Perscription of couple plus sushi boat

offers Naples spa and sushi route

Swimming pool

Despite the bad weather, temporary, these days, the summer is approaching, so why not take advantage of some good offers to take a relaxing dip in the pool? At the beach Phoenix you can have 2, 4, 6 or 8 pool entrances, plus sun umbrella and a good brunch, all at an affordable price. The coupon includes a welcome cocktail, as well as some samples of the house's delicacies meats and cheeses.


  • 2 inputs midweek at 12 € instead of 62
  • 2 inputs over the weekend at 16 € instead of 62
  • 4 inputs midweek at 19 € instead of 124
  • 4 inputs over the weekend at 29 € instead of 124
  • 6 inputs midweek at 29 € instead of 186
  • 6 inputs over the weekend at 39 € instead of 186
  • 8 inputs midweek at 34 € instead of 248
  • 8 inputs over the weekend at 44 € instead of 248

Deadline: 28/05/2013

Link | Groupon - Phoenix pool entrances

offers naples pool phoenix

Uci Cinemas and Polygon

A good movie and a challenge at the polygon with friends! It is possible thanks to this coupon to be exploited at the Shooting range Air Soft Gun from Casoria. You will have 4 chargers with 15 shots to compete with your challengers. Plus, a menu Kebab for 2, with drinks, to be exploited within the Uci Cinemas.

Price: 9,90 €, instead of 20 €
Deadline: 29/05/2013

Link | Glamoo - Polygon more Cinema

offers naples polygon and kebab uci cinemas

Guided tour of your choice

Thanks to Medea Art, you can take a guided tour for 2 people choosing among 5 different historical routes: Cimitero delle Fontanelle, Decumano Inferiore, Extra Moenia Vergini and Sanità, a path between "the conventual walls", S. Maria della Pace (former hospital della Pace) with a visit to the Sala del Lazzaretto.

Price: 6 €, for 2 people
Deadline: 27/05/2013

Link | Poinx - Guided tour of your choice

offers Naples guided tour of your choice

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