Piazza Dante in Naples

Piazza Dante in Naples

The square

The imposing Piazza Dante Alighieri stands at the beginning of Via Toledo and, through Port'Alba, joins the Decumano Maggiore, via dei Tribunali. today conformation to the hemicycle, destined to celebrate Charles III of Bourbon, was conferred to the second half of the eighteenth century thanks to the intervention of Luigi Vanvitelli.


Le twenty-six statues of the hemicycle would represent the virtues of the king. The building to which it gives access is the National Convitto Vittorio Emanuele II, former convent of San Sebastiano.

The center of the square is dominated by a large statue of Dante Alighieri made in 1871 by Tito Angelini and Tommaso Solari junior. On the square overlook the church ofImmaculate health workers, the church of Santa Maria di Caravaggio, the church of San Domenico Soriano and the church of San Michele a Port'Alba.

The square, in the 2002, was partially adapted to accommodate the L1 Metro Line.

Information about Piazza Dante

Opening time:

  • Free visit

Price tickets:

  •  Free visit

How to get:

  • Address: Piazza Dante Alighieri, Naples
  • From Piazza Garibaldi: L1 metro line, Dante station
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Written by Milena Morreale
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