The State Archives of Naples

State Archives in Naples

The Archive

The State Archives was established during the Napoleonic period, with royal decree of Gioacchino Murat of the 1808, to concentrate all the documentation produced in centuries of history in one place.

The writings were deposited in the Castel Capuano, but the locals proved unsuitable and was identified, already from the 1828, the Monastery of Saints Severino and Sossio as a suitable location.

With the company Real Rescript of 25 April 1835, signed by Ferdinando II, the procedures for the eviction of the structure from the pre-existing activities and its adaptation were started. The archive was inaugurated in 1845.

Equity shares

The archive has an inestimable value heritage.

The Miniato code of the Confraternity of Santa Marta (XV-XVII centuries), with the coats of arms of Ladislao di Durazzo, Isabella di Lorena and Alfonso I of Aragon.

During the last world war the archive suffered serious damage with the destruction, not only of the building, but also of important documents, in fact in September of the 1943 the German troops retaliated the parchments.

The archive has oriented since the post-war period with the work of Riccardo Filangieri the historical research towards the surviving sources in order to reconstruct even partially that memory.

Information on the State Archives

Opening hours:

  • Consultation of the library books, for which no deposit is allowed, is scheduled from Monday to Friday and from 8.30 to 13.30
  • The opening hours of the Central Office Study Room: Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.30
  • The Archive offers a free service of guided tours of the monument and an illustration of the historical, artistic and documentary heritage by prior arrangement
  • For occasional visitors, access is allowed on Monday and Thursday at 9.30 and at 11.30


How to get:

  • Address: Piazzetta del Grande Archivio, 5 - 80138 Naples
  • Bus R2 and 202: stop Umberto I ° Duomo - Academy School (about 3 minutes on foot) | Metro L1: University stop (about 9 minutes on foot)
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