The Church of Sant'Aniello a Caponapoli in Naples

Church of Sant'Aniello a Caponapoli
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The Church

The church of Sant'Agnello Maggiore, also known as Sant'Aniello a Caponapoli or Santa Maria Intercede, is dedicated to the patron of the city of Naples.

In the Church, placed at the top of the ancient acropolis of Neapolis, it is possible to see the urban historical stratification succeeded from the time of the foundation (Greek) until today.

The church hosts once a month the meetings of the National Archaeologists Association (ANA).

Information on the Church of Sant'Aniello a Caponapoli

Opening time:

  • Monday from 10: 00 at 13: 00 and from 16: 00 at 19: 00
  • Wednesday from 10: 00 to 13: 00
  • Thursday from 10: 00 at 12: 00 and from 15: 30 at 18: 30
  • Sunday from 10: 30 at 12: 30 (only the second and fourth of the month)

Price tickets:

  •  Free admission


How to get:

  • Address: Vico S. Aniello a Caponapoli, 9 - 80138 Naples
  • From Piazza Garibaldi: L2 metro line, Cavour station, cross the square, take Via S. Maria di Costantinopoli and turn left to Vico S. Aniello to Caponapoli (about 5 minutes on foot)
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