The Corso Umberto I in Naples

Corso Umberto I in Naples

La strada

The Umberto I course, also known as Rettifilo, represents an important road connecting the city.

It is bordered by Piazza Giovanni Bovio (formerly Piazza della Borsa) and Piazza Garibaldi, while in the center it meets Piazza Nicola Amore, dedicated to the mayor who at the end of the nineteenth century arranged thework of Risanamento of the area that was operated following the cholera epidemic that had dramatically affected the city, caused by the poor hygienic conditions due to the high demographic concentration of the surrounding districts, made up of narrow alleys, not very airy and not very sunny.

This incisive intervention caused the total demolition of the previous district, including buildings and evidence of considerable historical, artistic and religious value, with the realization of the course and the related palaces that still today overlook it.

The buildings of interest on Corso Umberto I

Among the buildings of particular interest you will find:

  • the church of San Pietro Martire
  • the statue of the politician Ruggiero Bonghi
  • the palace of the University of Naples Federico II
  • the church of Sant'Agostino alla Zecca
  • the church of Santa Maria Egiziaca in Forcella
  • the basilica and the hospital of the Santissima Annunziata Maggiore
  • the basilica of San Pietro ad Aram

Information on the Umberto I Course

How to get:

  • Address: Corso Umberto I - 80138
  • Circumvesuviana: Porta Nolana station | Metro line L2: Piazza Garibaldi station | Metro line L1: University station | Tram 1: Marina stop - corner of the Duomo (about 4 minutes on foot) | Bus R2: stop Umberto I - Poerio (coming from Piazza Garibaldi), stop Umberto I - Amore (coming from Piazza Giovanni Bovio)
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