The cave of Seiano in Naples

Grotta di Seiano in Naples

The Cave

The Cave of Seiano, which is part of the Pausilypon Archaeological Park, is an artificial tunnel built in the Roman era dug into the tuff and designed by architect Lucio Cocceio.
This tunnel about 780 meters long it crosses the tufaceous hill of Posillipo connecting the area of ​​Bagnoli and Campi Flegrei with the Vallone della Gaiola, passing through Baia Trentaremi.

Its name refers to the prefect of the emperor Tiberius, Lucio Elio Seiano, who enlarged the gallery in the first century. AD, fifty years after its construction took place at the behest of Marco Vipsano Agrippa, with the aim of connecting the villa of Publio Vedio Pollione, located in the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon, area where the cave arrives, and the other patrician villas of Pausilypon at the ports of Puteoli and Cumae.

The route of the Grotta di Seiano was discovered by chance in the 1841 during the construction of a new road and became again accessible at the request of Ferdinand II of Bourbon, becoming a tourist destination. During the Second World War the Grotta di Seiano was used as an air raid shelter for the inhabitants of Bagnoli. After the war and due to some landslides occurred in the fifties the cave was completely abandoned. Until the 2009, when it was reopened and made available again as the only suggestive access route to the Pausilypon Archaeological Park.

Information on the cave of Seiano

Itinerary start times

  • Itinerary 1: Grotta di Seiano - Pausilypon environmental archaeological park - from Tuesday to Friday at 12,00 - Saturday at 10.00 and 12.00 - Sunday at 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00.
  • Itinerary 2: Grotta di Seiano - Pausilypon Environmental Archaeological Park - Protected Marine Area of ​​the Submerged Park of Gaiola (Aquavision Boat) - Single shift at 9,00
  • Itinerary 2 - snorkel: Seiano Grotto - Pausilypon Environmental Archaeological Park - Marine Protected Area of ​​Gaiola Submerged Park (Snorkeling) - Single shift at 9,00

price tickets

  • 1 Itinerary: € 6
  • 2 Itinerary: € 18
  • 2-snork Itinerary: € 25
  • Reservations are required


  • Tel: 081 240 3235 - 3285947790
  • E-mail:
  • Informazioni sulla Cave of Seiano on the site of the Gaiola Onlus Interdisciplinary Studies Center

How to Get There:

  • Address: Grotta di Seiano, Descent Coroglio, 36 - 80123 Naples

By car:
Tangential exit Vomero - Via Cilea - Via Manzoni - Descent Coroglio; b) Tangenziale exit Fuorigrotta - Via Diocleziano - Piazza Bagnoli - Descent Coroglio; c) Tangenziale exit Agnano - Via Agnano - Via Beccatelli - Via Nuova Agnano - Piazza Bagnoli - Via Coroglio - Descent Coroglio.

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By bus
get off at the Napoli-Mergellina station and take the C16 bus to Piedigrotta and then the R7 bus to the Cattolica-Nisida stop
Get off at the Napoli-Campi Flegrei station and take the R7 bus from Piazzale Tecchio to the Cattolica-Nisida stop

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