The Agnano Hippodrome in Naples

Hippodrome of Agnano in Naples

The Agnano racecourse, horse racing and fun for children

THERacecourse of Agnano is one of the oldest sports facilities in Europe dedicated to horse races al trot e al gallop with grass and sand tracks that have been held since 1935. It is located in a vast green area of ​​48 hectares between the Astroni estate and the Terme di Agnano and this suggestive scenery makes it one of the most representative racecourses in the history of horse Italy.

The racecourse is also very well known internationally due to the Grand Prix Lottery of Agnano, an important horse racing trot that since the 1947 has seen the participation of the best horses and the best drivers in the world.

On average they are held 200 days of racing a year which are usually held in the afternoons from September to May and, even at night, from June to August, thanks to an impressive lighting system.

Il Hippodrome parkmoreover, it is a real amusement park open to families as it hosts the Hippodrome Museum,Ippocity, a summer camp for children and the Fiesta Village, September festival which includes horse riding, other sports and recreational activities.

Information on the Agnano Racecourse

Opening time

  • The park is open on Sundays from 9:30 am
  • Races start at 14: 30

Consult the official Hippodrome website and the official Facebook page for any timetable changes.

price tickets

  • Free entry on ordinary day trips.
  • For events and Grand Prix, it is advisable to consult the official website.


Via Raffaele Ruggiero, 1 - 80125 Naples

How to Get There:

By car:
Naples Ring Road - Exit Agnano n.11

By subway
Metro Line 2, Bagnoli station, take bus C5, Ruggiero-Chiesa Sant'Antonio stop, walk about 3 minutes.

By bus
C2, stop via Agnano
C6, stop via Agnano Astroni


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