The island of Ischia (Naples)

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The island

Ischia is an island of volcanic origin, whose many hot Springs they are a testimony, and it is placed a short distance from Naples, from Procida and from the Flegrea coast.

Il Mount Epomeo it is the apex of the volcano on which Ischia is located. The island (the ancient Pithecusa) was inhabited since ancient times as confirmed by the discovery of considerable archaeological finds.

From the ancient sources of Strabo (V, 5-9) and Livio (VIII, 22.5-6), we know that they were the Euboeans of Calcide and Eretria to gravitate around the island, to settle between the 750 and 725 BC and to live with the indigenous component of the island before engaging in the subsequent establishment of the colony of Cuma, around the 750-730 BC

Interesting sites

Particular interest is covered by the Aragonese Castle whose original construction dates back to 474 BC. Over the centuries the fortress was transformed and adapted as a refuge for the Ischian population. The 1509 celebrated the wedding between Fernando Francesco d'Avalos and the poet Vittoria Colonna and between the 1501 and the 1536 that hosted the greatest artists and writers of the time.

In 1823 it became a prison where many patriots were locked up.
In the 1912 the Demanio sold the site to individuals and today it is possible to visit it.

Information on the Aragonese Castle

Visiting hours:

  • Every day of the week, from 9.00 to 16.00 in winter, from 9.00 to 20.00 in summer. The ticket office closes an hour earlier

Price tickets:

  • Adults: € 10
  • Children 10-14 years, disabled and accompanying persons: € 6
  • Children 0-9 years: free
  • Elementary schools: € 3
  • Middle and upper secondary schools: € 6


  • Tel: 081992 834 / 081991 959
  • E-mail:
  • Official website of the Aragonese castle

Info on all the other destinations of Ischia

How to get to Ischia and ferry and hydrofoil timetables:

  • Ferries and hydrofoils for the two main ports of Ischia and Casamicciola departing from Naples: Molo Beverello, Naples Mergellina with fast hydrofoils and Terminal Porta di Massa with ferries / Departing from Pozzuoli - Pozzuoli Port with ferries and hydrofoils
  • Trains: The nearest train station to Naples is Piazza Garibaldi and can be reached by bus and tram, and by taxi. The embarkations of Pozzuoli can be reached by the 2 Line of the Naples subway, the buses and the taxi

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