The Capodimonte Museum in Naples

Hall of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples
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The palace

The majestic Royal Palace of Capodimonte, framed by beautiful gardens and initially conceived as a place in which to welcome the Farnese collection, became historical residence of the Bourbons of Naples, and later of the Bonaparte, the Murat and the Savoy. It is part of the area where there is the Wood of Capodimonte.

The Museum

The Capodimonte Museum, located in the Royal Palace, houses artwork already from the 1758. The exhibition is divided as follows:

  • Galleria Farnese, with works by Tiziano, Vasari, Masaccio, Sanzio and Botticelli, among others;
  • Borgia Collection, subdivided into Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman, Greek-Roman, Roman, Far Eastern art, Arabic antiquities, ethno-anthropological artefacts of Northern Europe, Central America and the Sacred Museum;
  • Historic apartment, with two rooms dedicated to the Porcelain Gallery;
  • Gallery of Arts in Naples, with works by Neapolitan artists;
  • Private nineteenth century, with seven rooms including paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth century;
  • Contemporary art, which welcomes the famous Vesuvius by Andy Warhol.

Information on the Capodimonte Museum

Opening time:

  • From the 8.30 to the 19.30 accessible the first floor
  • From the 9.30 to the 17.00 accessible the first second floor
  • Closed on Wednesdays, 1 January 1st and December 25
  • 24 and 31 December opening hours are reduced 8: 30 - 14: 00 with last entry to 13: 00
  • Last entry allowed for 18: 30 (for open premises)
  • No reservations are made for the first Sunday of the month

Wood opening hours:

  • In the months of October, February and March: opening of 7,00 hours and closing of 18,00 hours
  • In November, December and January: opening of 7,00 hours and closing of 17,00 hours
  • In the months of April, May, June, July, August and September: opening of 7,00 hours and closing of 19,30 hours

Ticket price up to 9 December 2018 (duration of the White Paper exhibition):

  • whole 12 euro
  • reduced between 18 and 25 8 years euro
  • free under the 18 years
  • second floor ticket including exhibition on free Sundays and for holders of Artecard 4 €
  • the price of the ticket and the timetables may vary according to the exposures in progress
  • For all the 2019 who will arrive to Capodimonte by taxi will receive a discount of 2 euro on the whole ticket of admission to the Museum


Map of the Capodimonte museum:

map of the museum and gardens of Capodimonte

How to get:

  • Address: via Miano, 2 - 80131 Naples
  • From Piazza Garibaldi: L1 metro line, Dante station, then Bus Anm C63, stop "Museo Porta Grande"
  • From April 2016 is active one shuttle that takes you to the museum from the center, including admission ticket
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