The Palazzo dello Spagnolo in Naples

Spanish Palace in Naples

Il Palazzo

The Palazzo del Spagnolo was built starting from 1738 at the behest of the Marquis of Poppano, Nicola Moscati.

Architecture is attributed to Ferdinando Sanfelice which created large arches that followed the progress of the stairs, placed on both sides, re-proposing the same architectural theme of the Palazzo Sanfelice. At the end of the 1700 the building was bought by Tommaso Atienza, called the Spanish, who arranged further embellishment works, later lost. Currently the ownership of the building is divided.

A part of the building is public property and was intended for a Museum dedicated to Totò, even if the project is not yet completed.

Information on the Spanish Palace

Visiting hours:

  • The building is for private use, can only be viewed externally

How to get:

  • Address: Palazzo dello Spagnolo, via dei Vergini, 19 - 80137 Naples

Metro: Line 2 from Piazza Garibaldi: Piazza Cavour stop, you can continue on foot along Via Vergini | Bus: from piazza Garibaldi on 203, Piazza Cavour stop | From Piazza Cavour take the C51 and C52 to the Via Vergini stop.

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