The submerged Archaeological Park of Baia (Naples)

Submerged Bay

The marine area

It is from the 2007 that the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia has become protected sea area with the concession to the association Assodiving Flegreum represented by the Sub Center Campi Flegrei for the visit of its marvelous archaeological evidence through scuba diving.

The beautiful villas that stood out on this coastline in the course of time were gradually submerged by the bradyseism phenomena which still today characterize the Phlegraean area.

In Roman times, it played a role of primary importance. Pozzuoli, in fact, was an important commercial city, Baia was a holiday destination for the aristocracy and Miseno, before Ostia, was the seat of the Roman military fleet.

The sites

I dive sites that you can visit are the following:

  • Dry smoky
  • Porto Giulio
  • Villa dei Pisoni
  • Villa Protiro
  • Villa in front of the Aragonese castle
  • Maritime villa of great marina
  • Miseno lighthouse tower and crib
  • Flooded Nymphaeum

Information on the submerged Archaeological Park of Baia

Opening time:

  • Every day from 9.00 to 17.00

Average diving price: 35 €

Contacts: 333 520 9334 | Official site of Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia

How to get:

  • Address: Via Lucullo, 94, 80070 Bacoli NA - Cumana: Lucrino stop, via Miliscola exit. Directions to Baia Sommersa
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