Piazza del Municipio in Naples

Piazza Municipio in Naples

The square

Piazza del Municipio is one of the largest squares in Europe and one of the most important in the city due to its proximity to marina, Maschio Angioino, San Giacomo palace, the Town Hall, and a Via Toledo. There is also the important Neptune Fountain.

During the construction of the "Municipio" station, the 1 line of the Metro and the 6 line (still to be completed to date, December 2016), have been brought to light of the very important archaeological finds (about 3000) dating back to the period from Roman times to some nineteenth-century buildings.

In addition to the findings found (amphorae, ships, caravels, ancient walls completely intact) a real discovery was discovered citadel of Roman times which also includes a spa complex. Piazza Municipio is destined to become, therefore, a new archaeological site located in the city center from where you can admire the remains of theancient port of the Greco-Roman Neapolis, whose exhibits will be on display in the "Neapolis station-museum" of Piazza Municipio. Most of the remains brought to light are already kept in the "Neapolis Station" museum.

The Mercadante Theater, the Bank of Italy Palace, the Banco di Roma headquarters, the Grand Hotel de Londres (now the seat of the TAR), Palazzo San Giacomo (the Town Hall), and the maritime station, surround the square. whose building was completed in the recently renovated 1936, where there is a shopping arcade and some conference rooms.

Information about Piazza del Municipio

How to Get There:

By subway
Subway 1 Line, Town Hall station

In funicular
Central Funicular, stop at Piazzetta Duca d'Aosta (closed at the moment, December 2016)

By bus
Tram 1 and 4, stop Colombo - Porto (end of line)
C 25 and R2, stop Piazza Municipio

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