Piazza della Vittoria in Naples

Piazza della Vittoria in Naples
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The square

Piazza della Vittoria, more commonly called Piazza Vittoria, is located in the city center near the Riviera of Chiaiaand Villa Comunale, of Via Partenope, the Lungomare Francesco Caracciolo and Via Calabritto, one of the most chic streets of the city.

Its name is due to the victory of Christians against the Turks in the battle of Lepanto, outcome for which it was believed that the Madonna had intervened and was honored with the building of the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria which, consequently, gave the name to the square in front of it.

The square houses a base dedicated to the fallen of the naval battle of Lissa, on which was placed a tall cipollino column found in the seventeenth century, and the statues of Nicola Amore need Giovanni Nicotera by the sculptor Francesco Jerace, facing the villa Comunale.

Information on Piazza della Vittoria

How to Get There:

By bus
151, Piazza Vittoria - Marinella or Arcoleo -Farmacia Morelli stop
128, 140, 154, C25, Arcoleo stop - Morelli Pharmacy
E6, Morelli Vittoria - Association stop

In funicular
Chiaia funicular, take via dei Mille and via Filangieri to Piazza dei Martiri, take via Calabritto to Piazza Vittoria (journey time: about 15 minutes)

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