Piazza Garibaldi in Naples

Piazza Garibaldi in Naples

The square

Piazza Garibaldi is one of the most important and bustling squares of the city of Naples, as there are the Central StationTwo subways, circumvesuviana and bus and taxi stations and several large ones historic hotels.

The square, dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi, hosts from the 1904 the statue ofhero of the two worlds created by the artist Cesare Zocchi.

The modern layout of the square has been conferred by the realization of the Garibaldi station of Metro 1 line designed by the architect Dominique Perrault. The peculiarity of the new underground station is determined by the presence of a long steel pergola surmounted by perforated Teflon panels that repair the numerous escalators intertwined and suspended in space.

It is also one of the stops of the line 2.

Information on Piazza Garibaldi

How to Get There:

By subway
Subway 1 Line, Garibaldi stop
Subway 2 Line, Garibaldi stop

In circumvesuviana
Garibaldi stop

By train
Naples Central Station

By bus
192, 194, 195, 150, 151, 540, C40, R2 Garibaldi stop

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