The Villa di Augusto in Somma Vesuviana (Naples)

The complex

The wonderful and impressive residential complex, dated to early imperial age and active until the 5th century AD with theeruption of the 472, is known as the so-called "Villa di Augusto".

The excavation of the villa, in the locality Starza della Regina a Somma Vesuviana in the province of Naples, was started as part of a project carried out byTokyo State University in concomitance with the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii.

The complex still preserves an almost intact colonnade with niches, statues and stucco decorations, as well as structures for wine production and agricultural activities.

Information on the Villa di Augusto

Opening hours and ticket prices:

  • Extraordinary free openings (see the website in the Contacts or the Facebook page of the Pro Loco Somma Vesuviana)

Contacts: Il Complex of Augustus from the official website of the "Apolline Project". Facebook page of the Pro Loco Somma Vesuviana

How to get:

  • Address: Via Starza Regina - 80049 Somma Vesuviana
  • Circumvesuviana from piazza Garibaldi: Sarno-Ottaviano line, Mercato Vecchio station (about 2 minutes on foot).
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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