The Floridiana Villa in Naples

Floridian villa in Naples
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La Floridiana, Located on the Vomero hill surrounded by a beautiful park that takes its name, of Floridiana, is a neoclassical villa that owes its name to Lucia Migliaccio, Duchess of Floridia and wife of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. In the 1815 this villa, which was the estate of Prince Giuseppe Caracciolo of Torella, was donated by King Ferdinando to his wife, who decided to call her Floridiana.

For the occasion the paths and paths of the surrounding park in romantic style was arranged and enriched by the director of the Botanical Garden of Naples Friedrich Dehnhardt who brought 150 species of plants like pines, plane trees, holm oaks, camellia palms.

In the 1919, after being inherited by the royal couple's children, the villa was bought by the State that rendered it display place of the collection of ceramics received as a gift from Maria Spinelli di Scalea, an inheritance from the uncle Placido di Sangro, duke of Martina, who gave the name to the Museum of Ceramics Duca di Martina which is still open to the public.

The Park of the Floridiana Villa

The park surrounding the Villa Floridiana is a fascinating set of winding paths and groves that climb and descend to culminate in a beautiful lookout that is located, right in the back of the villa, on a terrace overlooking the sea, from which you can admire a splendid view of the Gulf of Naples.
Inside the park you can also come across pillars and columns, statues and architectural elements that represent fake Roman and Ionian ruins, and even in a small amphitheater called the Verzura theater.


  • Opening hours: Unfortunately sometimes the park is closed early by the staff without a clear explanation. Before leaving, it is advisable to get started so as not to arrive too close to closing time.
  • Explore the park: The vast park offers quiet green corners, ideal for relaxing walks or outdoor picnics, but it is not well maintained, so be careful of slippery areas.
  • Duca di Martina Museum: Don't miss the decorative arts collection housed inside the villa, a true treasure of ceramics, glass and other art objects.

Helpful tips

  • Preparation: Wearing comfortable shoes can make your visit even more enjoyable, especially if you want to explore all of the park's trails.
  • Photography: The villa offers wonderful photography opportunities, but it is always good to check the rules regarding camera use inside the museum.

What to do after the visit

Walk to Vomero. Take advantage of your presence in the neighborhood to explore the surroundings, full of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Information on the Floridiana Villa and the Duca di Martina Museum

Opening time

  • 8,30-19,00 hours (from 1 April to 31 October)
  • 8,30-17,15 hours (from November 1 to March 31)
  • Schedules may vary

Price tickets: free admission


1 entrance: via Domenico Cimarosa 77 - 80127 Naples; 2 entrance: via Aniello Falcone 171 - 80127 Naples

How to Get There:

In funicular
Funicular of Chiaia, Cimarosa stop.
Central Funicular, Piazza Fuga stop.

By subway
Subway 1 Line, Vanvitelli stop.


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