The best Chinese restaurants in Naples

Best Chinese restaurants in Naples
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A list of the best Chinese restaurants in Naples, a wide choice for an evening in perfect oriental style.

Who wants to try Chinese cuisine a Napoli can try i best Chinese restaurants in the city with typical dishes in a typically oriental atmosphere.

Of all the ethnic cuisines, that one Chinese it is the most loved by the general public. The atmosphere that reigns in Chinese restaurants immediately transports you to a distant and exotic world, which is expressed in the aromas and flavors of traditional dishes. Having fun eating with chopsticks ravioli, spring rolls and almond chicken, while on the walls hang large fans, prints of dragons and next to the table is the classic aquarium. These are images that we can associate a little with any Chinese place, but which contribute to fueling the myth of the celestial empire.

Despite the great attachment of the Neapolitans to their kitchen, in Naples there were many Chinese restaurants that continue to be successful, thanks to the goodness of the food and the economic prices.

Just like done for the best Japanese restaurants and of best ethnic restaurants in town, here is a small selection of best restaurants Chinese of Napolithat we are sure will make your palates happy.

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Golden Dragon

Clean, quiet environment and a really kind staff. Added to these elements are low prices and good food, making this restaurant one of the busiest. It is located in the historic center, a stone's throw from Monteoliveto and is also open for lunch.removal. The menu includes all the main foods that are expected and at the end of the meal you will always be offered the fortune cookie. Try the mixed starter with shrimp toast and grilled spaghetti. As in most Chinese restaurants, you can make the points card and aim for the most desired gift: the lucky kitten!

Timetables: every day 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-24.00

The dishes of the Golden Dragon can also be ordered online from The Golden Dragon on Just Eat

justeat-banner economic 081 7901016 Via del Chiostro 21/23, 80134 - Naples [dropcap par = "2 ″]

The Wall

This is another well-known Chinese restaurant. Password inexpensiveness and generous portions. Whenever you decide to stop for lunch or dinner, you will leave with a full stomach and wallet! The environment is simple and genuine, the staff cordial and friendly. Generally speaking, with a budget of approx 10 € per person you can order an appetizer, a first course, a second course and dessert / fruit. The restaurant is a stone's throw from the Faculty of Law of Naples and is often very popular (as proof of its goodness). Strong dishes? We suggest you try the soups, in particular the agro-spicy one, i steamed ravioli with shrimps and spring rolls.

Timetables: every day 12: 00-23: 00 economic 081 5514693 Via G.Cesare Cortese 8, 80133 – Naples[adsense-responsive][dropcap par=”3″]


The restaurant is located in a very privileged position, in one of the adjacent alleys Via Toledo. Going down a few steps, you will have easy access to the room (perhaps a little small, but still very pleasant and cozy) illuminated by soft lights. With a budget of about 15 euros you can favor an appetizer, first and second course. Good ones rice noodles sauté with vegetables and the grilled chicken.

Timetables: every day 12: 00-23: 00 economic  081 5514693 Via G.Cesare Cortese 8, 80133 - Naples [dropcap par = "4 ″]

Beautiful China

Despite the name, in this restaurant can be found both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The menu offers much more choice than the other places, even for what concerns Chinese dishes. Located near Piazza Municipio, the place is by far one of the best. It is probably among the least economical on the square, a factor compensated, however, not only by the quality, but also by the attention to detail, by an efficient staff and an absolutely characteristic environment. The are to be tasted Chicken With Lemon,duck in chinese sauce or with bamboo and mushrooms.

Timetables:tutti i giorni 11:00–15:00/18:00–0:00 planet  081 5512308 Calata S. Marco 15, 80133 – Naples[adsense-responsive][dropcap par=”5″]

Chinese rotisserie Fen Yan

The classic takeaways for those who want to bite and go. It is located a few steps from the pier of Bagnoli. The structure offers a take-away service and is equipped with a small internal room where you can also sit and eat your dishes in a good-natured and sanguine environment. You cannot fail to taste most of the appetizers on the small pocket menu: shrimp cubes, salads (mayonnaise, chicken or shrimp), fried wanton, sesame shrimp toast, spring rolls fried or fresh, grilled or steamed ravioli, and many other specialties.

Timetables:  every day 11: 00-15: 00/18: 00-23: 00, closed on Mondays economic  081 5703978; Fen Yan Chinese Rosticceria Facebook page Piazza Bagnoli 22, 80124 Naples [dropcap par = "6 ″]

The City of Gold

The restaurant is large and welcoming, good quality dishes, easily accessible and very cordial staff.
For a more detailed description visit our review!

Timetables: tutti i giorni 11:00-15:10/18:00-23:30 medium 081 7901355 Facebook page of The Golden City French Square 22, 80133 Naples[adsense-responsive][dropcap par=”7″]

China Town

Near Piazza Bovio, it is a very central place and therefore also suitable for one lunch break from work or university. It remains on the average of other restaurants, with fairly standard menus and low prices. The room is large and quiet. Try the pineapple rice, curry chicken, the one in spicy sauce and the caramelized fried bananas.

Timetables: every day 12: 30-2: 00 economic 081 5520888; 081 5520888 Via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice 39, 80134 Naples [dropcap par = "8 ″]

Fashion Wok Buffet

Very well known restaurant Chinese-Japanese because of its formula "All you can eat". The quality-price ratio is very affordable and the buffet offer is quite wide. The location, near Piazza Municipio, is convenient as it can be reached by subway and bus. The already competitive price of the AYCE formula is further advantageous at lunchtime.

Timetables: every day 11: 00-03: 30 planet 081 551 9420 Fashion Wok Buffet Facebook page Via Cristoforo Colombo 3, 80133 – Naples[adsense-responsive][dropcap par=”9″]


Even this place has the distinction of not being just a Chinese restaurant, but to offer more in Japanese and that Thai; still not widespread. There is the possibility to choose the formula "All you can eat", much appreciated above all for the variety of the proposed dishes.

Timetables: 11 every day: 30-15: 30 / 19: 30-23: 30, Monday closed planet   081 551 6676; Facebook page of the Bamboo Restaurant Via Cristoforo Colombo 52/53, 80133 - Naples [dropcap par = "10 ″]

G&G Trattoria Orientale

This restaurant in the province of Naples offers typical Chinese and Japanese dishes. Do not be fooled by the very spartan aspect of the environment, the food is really delicious and prepared with care. Generous portions, fresh ingredients and affordable prices are the restaurant's trump card. Excellent sauteed rice with fish and vegetables.

Timetables: every day 13: 00-15: 00/20: 00-0: 00, Mon 20: 00-23: 00, closed on Tuesdays economic 334 7305970  Via De Filippo Edoardo, 1, 81031 Aversa (CE)

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