Night submarine for the Submerged City of Baia

Submerged bay park
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The characteristic red submarine, belonging to the means of the Nemo Sub Way, from the end of June it will also run at night Bay, giving you an amazing trip underwater discovering the submerged city.

Thanks to the windows that characterize the vehicle you can in fact see the Submerged Archaeological Park, which ranks as the largest and most evocative of the whole Mediterranean. It will therefore be a truly unique and unprecedented experience, which is worth living.

Night visits to Baia with the submarine

Arrived just a month ago for visit the submerged city by day, red submarine finally it will make night races to take you on a special and exciting journey even in the evening.

Thanks to the windows overlooking the seabed and the powerful underwater lights of the vehicle you can admire in addition to the animal and plant species, including jellyfish, fish and seaweed, even the underwater treasure of the city.

You will go to the discovery of ancient artifactsRoman columnswonderful mosaics, floors and remains of domus.

Information on night visits to Baia with the submarine


From 27 June 2021 for the whole summer


Port of Baia

Working hours:

From 21: 00 23 to: 00


25 euros for adults, 15 euros for children aged 6 to 15


Official site Nemosub Baia | information on 3792633499

  • Where: Bay
  • When: from Sunday 27 June 2021 to Tuesday 31 August 2021, from 21 pm to 00 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Ticket : 20€
    • Ticket : 15€
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