States General of the Mediterranean in Naples: the Port Special Economic Zone in the city starts

Gaetano Manfredi
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In Naples they will take place for three days The States General of the Mediterranean, from the 4 6 March 2022.

They are organized by the Cise, that is the Italian Confederation of Economic Development and vi representatives of 6 nations will participate: Italy, tunisia, Malta, Libya, Egypt e Morocco.

The work began today March 4 in the morning with the intervention of Maria Carfagna, Minister of the South and of territorial cohesion, in the context of the working session entitled “The special economic zones: development opportunities”. 

It will be three days of meetings, round tables e conferences at the Royal Palace with the countries we have mentioned, that is, those that overlook the Mediterranean among which it is essential to maintain a strong institutional synergy to increase commercial exchanges.
It is important that these countries are seen as single parts of a single unit and not separate realities from each other.

The Zes: the special economic zones

The Zes, that is, the special economic zones, are regions with different economic legislation from that of their own nation, therefore special, which allows them to derogate from the laws in place in their own country.

Italy is also a Zes and as such can receive from the European Union aid and facilities. More precisely, we should say that in Italy there are several Zes areas, including Campania, while in Naples a Zes in the port area.

The port Zes in Naples

Thestart-up of the port Zes in Naples and it will be a great opportunity for the creation of new jobs and renewed development with the possibility for our city to be at the center of the dynamics affecting the great European capitals.

The Mediterranean Sea is a scenario of fundamental confrontation between the different countries that overlook it and investing in the port area is necessary, making it become a pole of attraction for important investors and receiving tax benefits thanks to Zes.

Naples can attract very important companies, companies that know that our city is rich in talents and a great human capital, especially among young graduates. Let's think about the experience ofFederico II University in San Giovanni a Teduccio, a place where the faculty has attracted large groups that have created jobs.

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