Deriva Theater at the Stufe di Nerone with shows on the raft

Drift Theater at the Stufe di Nerone
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The beautiful program of the Drift Theater in the Stufe di Nerone di Bacoli with theatrical performances directly on a raft.

After the break due to the pandemic, this year it is recovering at full speed with shows that start on 1st July and end on 25th July 2021 for a very interesting program.

The first event is an unscheduled one, actually, since it is a special concert dedicated to Neapolitan music and contaminations with other cultures, while the following shows based on classical works, but not only.

Here is the program.

Program of the Teatro alla Deriva

Thursday July 1

Musical concert of a theatrical nature - off the raft, special event

The musical group NeaCò interprets great pieces of Neapolitan music contaminated by other genres and cultures, also introducing us to an unprecedented aspect of the history of our musical tradition. It is a beautiful journey-tale.

Sunday July 4

Ri.Te.Na. - 'E SSANZARE - dramaturgy - direction | Fabio Di Gesto

A show with Francesca Morgante, Maria Claudia Pesapane, Luca Lombardi freely inspired by Albert Camus's “Il Malinteso”. It is the third chapter on unresolved femininity between proverbs, rhetorical figures and verses.

Sunday July 11


A show directed by Fabio Pisano, music by Francesco Santagata and interpreted by Francesca Borriero - Claudio Boschi - Roberto Ingenito. It deals with the real, but little known, story of a Jewish informer after the roundup of the Jewish ghetto in Rome.

Sunday July 18

Resistance Theater - JUORNE

Directed by Diego Sommaripa, with Chiara Vitiello. A monologue in Neapolitan of a woman who tries to raise her disabled child amidst many difficulties The show has won numerous awards throughout Italy.

Sunday July 25

Theatrical Viruses - Teatro Insania - THE CHILD WITH THE RED BICYCLE

Text and direction by Giovanni Meola with Antimo Casertano. Nine characters intertwine their stories in an incredible story: the kidnapping of a minor in the late 60s, which ended in tragedy. It is interpreted to 70% with verses of various kinds.

Information on the Teatro alla Deriva


1, 4, 11, 18, 25 July 2021


Stufe di Nerone, via Stufe di Nerone 45

Working hours:



  • whole 10 euro
  • Terme Stufe di Nerone customers: 8 euros
  • Up to 18 years: 8 euros
  • the reduction is applied only to theatrical performances, excluding special events and concerts
  • the ticket must be purchased directly at the spa's cash desks and reservations are required ..
  • the ticket office opens at 20.00.

Contact and booking

081 8688006 | indicating name, surname, telephone and show

Photo source: Stufe di Nerone

  • Where: Stufe di Nerone
  • When:
    • Thursday 01 July 2021 from 21pm
    • Sunday 04 July 2021 from 21:00
    • Sunday 11 July 2021 from 21:00
    • Sunday 18 July 2021 from 21:00
    • Sunday 25 July 2021 at 21:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Full price: € 10
    • Customers Terme Stufe di Nerone:: 8€
    • Up to 18 years: €8
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