Temptation Island 2023, when does it start? Filippo Bisciglia leads

Temptation Island 2023

Temptation island, the popular Canale 5 reality show produced by Fascino and Banijay, will return thissummer 2023 after a year off. In fact, the variety was broadcast last season Last stop, which failed to replicate the success of Temptation Island.

The format of the program

For those unfamiliar with it, Temptation Island tells the story of temporarily separated couples and placed in front of the temptation of other women and men in a tourist village. Naturally, everything is filmed and edited for the first evenings of Canale 5, with moments of direct confrontation in the traditional "bonfire".

Airing period

Despite rumors of a possible fall airing, the new edition of Temptation Island will return to being broadcast in summer period, precisely in the month of June 2023. The start date is officially Monday June 26 2023.

Management confirmed for Filippo Bisciglia

As for management, Philip Bisciglia has been confirmed as the presenter of Temptation Island 2023. Despite the rumors of a possible changing of the guard, the production has decided to keep the historical conductor of the program, thus ensuring continuity and recognition of the format.

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