The Ferragnez 2, what time it comes out and the previews of the season

the ferragnez season XNUMX trailer poster

The Ferragnezes, the most loved couple on social networks, are back in style. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez return to the small screen to the delight of all their fans, ready to share new adventures and offer a taste of their daily lives. The highly anticipated new season will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting May 18. Ready for some previews? Read on!

The Ferragnez 2, the details on the new season

The second season of The Ferragnez will bring with it a number of exciting news.
The episodes will tell the most significant events of the last year life of the couple, including the personal experience of Fedez with a serious illness, daily life with their children, Leone and Vittoria, and the family's future expectations.

Attention will also be paid to the influencer and digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, with a focus on its role in the recent Sanremo Festival.

An event that raised many discussions and controversies, which have been extensively covered by our editorial team.

When does the second season of The Ferragnez start?

Recall that the second season of The Ferragnez will start the 18 may 2023 on Amazon Prime, with part two to air from the 25 May with a weekly appointment until the September special.

How many episodes does it consist of?

Season will consist of seven episodes, with the first four already available in the early hours of launch day.

For the remaining episodes, fans won't have to wait long: will be available starting May 25th.
Also, after the summer, it is expected a special dedicated to Chiara Ferragni's experience at the Sanremo Festival, an event that has generated a lot of chatter, such as the famous kiss between Rosa Chemical and Fedez and the rumors of an imminent crisis between the couple.

We can't wait to see these new chapters in the Ferragnez life. Enjoy your vision everyone!

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