The Voice Kids, previews of the Final on December 22nd

the voice kids 2023

“The Voice Kids”, the talent show loved by music fans, is back with a brand new season, always on as usual Rai 1 21:30.

Characterized by an innovative format, the program sees the participation of young talents, aged between 10 and 15 years, who perform in singing challenges under the guidance of music industry experts.

Tonight we will have the highly anticipated final, who will win?

What awaits us in the final

Tonight, in the “The Voice Kids” finale, the atmosphere is filled with emotions and expectations. We'll start with a really special moment: all the young artists of this edition will meet again for a choral performance, a celebration of friendship and music.

Then our time will come twelve finalists to shine. One after the other, They will perform with songs chosen specifically for this evening. Performances that are the key to the next big step: the choice of “super finalists".

The coaches, Loredana Bertè, Gigi D'Alessio, Clementino and Arisa, will be faced with an important choice, that of nominate the competitor from each team who will compete for the title.

We can already imagine the tension when the coaches announce their chosen ones, the hope in the faces of the kids, the anticipation in the public. At this point we will have the final with i super finalists who will perform again, this time with their strong piece, their “battle horse“. Performances that will be decisive because, in the end, the studio audience will have the task of vote and crown the winner of this edition of “The Voice Kids”.

It will be an evening of pure talent, authentic emotions and, above all, a triumph of music. We're about to witness a unforgettable ending, where every note, every voice, counts.

What happened in the semi-final

Before diving into the final of “The Voice Kids” 2023, let's take stock of the events of the semi-final, which set the stage for the current challenge. The semi-final, full of memorable performance moments, left its mark on the journey of the young artists.

  • Team Loredana Berte: The semi-final saw Desiree Malizia perform “If I Ain’t Got You”, guaranteeing her place in the final thanks to her intense performance. Valentina Giamboi moved the audience and the judges with "Hurt" by Cristina Aguilera, also earning a pass to the final.
  • Gigi D'Alessio Team: In this heat, Lulù Sollazzo stood out with “Bang Bang”, gaining a place in the final. Angelica Stuppia, with an astonishing performance of “Giudizi Universali”, secured her place among the finalists.
  • Clementine team: Alex Racioppi became the team's third finalist thanks to his performance of “Coraline” by Maneskin, while Rita Longarno had already secured her position in the final with “Come Saprei”.
  • Team Arisa: The team finalists were decided with the performances of Alice Alfonso, Emma Buscaglia and Amelie Rizzi, each showing their own unique talent and style.

Other notable performances were those of Giada Times with “When a star dies” and James Bastiani with “Heal the World,” both demonstrating the high level of talent present on this show.

How the final will work

The final is around the corner and there the public will decide who the champion will be of this edition. This is the final episode of the talent show, in which the four finalists of each team compete to win the title of “Winner of The Voice”.

The final takes place in live television e the winner is decided by televoting of the audience at home. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestants via landline or mobile phone.

The finalists will perform their favorite songs, accompanied by the program band. Furthermore, during the evening, they also perform musical guests of national and international fame.

Here's how the final of The Voice takes place, in detail:

  • First run: the four finalists from each team perform their favorite song. The audience at home votes for their favorite contestants.
  • Second run: the four finalists with the highest scores from the first round perform a challenge song. The audience at home votes for their favorite contestants.
  • Third run: the two finalists with the highest scores from the second round perform a duet song with their coach. The audience at home votes for their favorite contestants.

The contestant with the highest score in the third round is proclaimed the winner of The Voice.

The Coach teams, each with different styles

Each coach has his own style and approach in selecting talent:

  • Loredana Bertè
  • Gigi D'Alessio
  • Arisa
  • Clementino

Here is the composition of the teams in the final:

  • Team Loredana Berte:
    • Desiree Malice (14 years)
    • Valentina Giamboi (10 years)
    • Yari Verdesca (13 years)
  • Gigi D'Alessio Team:
    • Lulu Sollazzo (10 years)
    • Luigi Vitagliano (12 years)
    • Angelica Stuppia (13 years)
  • Clementine team:
    • Rita Longardo (13 years)
    • Alex Racioppi (14 years)
    • Simone Grande (11 years)
  • Team Arisa:
    • Alica Alfonso (13 years)
    • Emma Buscagalia (12 years)
    • Amelie Rizzi (14 years)

What happened in the third episode, the last Blind Auditions

In third episode of “The Voice Kids,” broadcast December 8, 2023, i coach Arisa, Gigi D'Alessio, Clementino and Loredana Bertè continued the selections for their teams through the Blind Auditions. This phase marked the completion of the teams with the last series of blind auditions.

During the episode, Angelica performed a song by Mara Sattei, getting excited and choosing to join the Gigi D'Alessio's team. The latter also enlisted Mirko, with whom he duetted in “La Voce del Silenzio” by Massimo Ranieri. Another notable moment was that of Nicole, whose powerful interpretation of a song by Shirley Bassey won over Loredana Bertè.

A touching episode was that of Mattia, who sang for the radio of the Gaslini pediatric hospital. Even though he wasn't chosen, his spirit of participation was considered a personal victory.

At the end of the evening, each coach completed their team. Arisa he chose Alice and Michele, uniting them with Emma, ​​Martina, Elisa, Amelie and Emilia. Clementino welcomed Emmanuele, a 7 year old rapper, into his group with Simone, Rita (with Super Pass), Federico, Alex, Teresa, Giulia and Emma. The team of Gigi D'Alessio now includes Sara, Angelica, Mirko, Graziano, Luigi, Giuseppe and Lulù. In the end, Loredana Bertè he completed his team with Giada, Nicole, Gabriele, Desiree (with Super Pass), Giacomo, Yari and Valentina.

What happened in the second episode, the second Blind Auditions and the first eliminations

The stage of Blind Auditions, here the great little artists sing with all their heart, while the coaches, from behind, let themselves be carried away only by their voice.

That's the magic of The Voice Kids: here, only the voice matters, nothing more. If a coach falls in love with a voice, he turns around and that young talent joins his team. What if more coaches turn over? Well, then the ball passes to the young artist who he will choose his mentor from those who have selected him.

And this year there is something extra: the “Super Pass” and “Super Block”. With the “Super Pass”, a coach can launch a competitor directly to the final, a real wild card. The “Super Block”? It is the strategic move to keep a competitor away from other coaches.

Find out more Let's delve deeper into how the transmission works.

How The Voice Kids format works

The format of “The Voice Kids” is a real journey to discover extraordinary voices. In fact, the operation of the transmission is simple: the participants, between 8 and 14 years old, they will have to win over the coaches with their voice, first starting from the Blind Auditions, where the coaches will not be able to see them, then continuing with Battles and Knockouts in the challenge against the other participants.

What are Super Pass and Super Block, what's new for 2023

This year, coaches will have available additional tools such as Super Pass and Super Block. The Super Pass allows every coach to send a competitor directly to the final, while the Super Block is used for prevent another coach to choose a particular competitor.

What are Blind Auditions and how do they work?

Le Blind Auditions they are the beating heart of the program, as well as the most famous part of the broadcast. Young talents perform with the coaches behind us and only their voice can convince coaches to turn their chairs, in that case talent will become part of the coach's team in question.

If more coaches turn around, the little artist has the honor and burden of choosing the coach which will follow him for the rest of the broadcast.

What Battles and Knockouts are and how they work

The phases of Battles and Knockout represent the true battlefield of talent. Here, the contestants must prove their worth, with the coach deciding the fate of each of the participants.

In fact, the Battles and the Knockouts are two phases of the talent show The Voice Kids in which the competitors compete against each other to have a place in the next phase, the Sing-Offs.

In Battles, competitors from the same team they challenge each other two by two. The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors, including voice, stage presence and ability to interpret the song.

Knockouts are similar to Battles, but in this case only one of the competitors advances to the next stage. The coach has the opportunity to save a competitor who has lost the challenge, but he can only do this once for each team.

Here's how they are structured:


  • Competitors from the same team are divided into pairs.
  • The contestants of each couple take turns singing the same song.
  • The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors.


  • Competitors from the same team are divided into groups of three.
  • The contestants from each group perform in turn, singing a song of their choice.
  • The coach decides who moves on to the next stage, taking into account several factors.
  • The coach has the opportunity to save a competitor who has lost the challenge, but can only do so once for each team.

What are the Sing-Off phases

Sing-Offs are the final phase of the talent show The Voice Kids, in which contestants from four teams compete for a place in the final.

At this stage, the competitors of each team they perform in turns, singing a song of your choice. The audience at home decides who will advance to the final through televoting. In the event of a tie, the coach decides who will advance to the final.

The Sing-Off phase is one of the most exciting of the program, because the competitors have now reached the final phase and know that victory is one step away.

Who are the Coaches of the new edition

The coaching team is made up of

  • Gigi D'Alessio,
  • Loredana Berte,
  • Clementino,
  • Arise.

The New Entry is Arisa who takes the place of the Rich and Poor.

How many episodes are there and when does the final of The Voice Kids air?

The new season of The Voice Kids consists of five episodes. The first three episodes are dedicated to Blind Auditions, while the last two are dedicated to Sing-Off and the Final.

The final will air on 22 December 2023.

Where to watch The Voice Kids and what time it airs

Don't miss “The Voice Kids”! On air every Friday from November 24th to December 22nd on Rai 1 at 21pm and available in streaming on RaiPlay, with exclusive content on demand.

How The Voice Kids was born

The format of "The Voice Kids", a junior version of the famous "The Voice", debuted in Italy in 2023, quickly gaining a place in the hearts of viewers with its ability to enhance young talents.

The Voice Kids originally started in Holland in 2012, as a spin-off of the talent show The Voice of Holland. The format was created by John de Mol, a Dutch television producer.

The success of The Voice of Holland led to the creation of several international versions of the program, including The Voice Kids. The first edition of The Voice Kids aired in the Netherlands in 2012, and was an instant success.

The format of The Voice Kids is similar to that of The Voice of Holland, with some differences. The main difference is that the contestants are children between 7 and 14 years oldi.

The Voice Kids was a success around the world and led to the creation of numerous international editions. In Italy, the first edition of The Voice Kids aired in 2023 and had good success with the public.

Who won the first edition of The Voice Kids

The last edition of The Voice Kids Italia, which it aired from March 12 to April 30, 2023, was won by Melissa Agliottone, from Loredana Bertè's team. Melissa, 12 years old from Sant'Elpidio al Mare (Fermo), won over the audience with her powerful voice and her interpretation of songs such as "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and "Fallin" by Alicia Keys.

In the final, Melissa beat out three other contestants: Ranya Moufidi of the Clementino team, Leonardo Bevilacqua of the Gigi D'Alessio team and Matteo Romano of the Ricchi e Poveri team.

Melissa won a recording contract with Universal Music Italia and will represent Italy at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 together with Ranya.

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