Tony Tammaro in concert at the PalaPartenope Theater on December 27th

the big night of the tamarri 2 tony tammaro

Il 27 December 2023, from 21:00 23:00, the stage of the Palapartenope Theater in Naples it will light up with the energy of Tony Tammaro in “The Big Night of the Tamarri 2”.

An unmissable event for lovers of music ironic and engaging. Tony Tammaro, with his unique style that mixes satire and rhythm, has been able to conquer a transversal audience throughout his career. A real journey into music and joy, distinctive characteristics of the Neapolitan artist.

Tony Tammaro: an icon of satirical music

In the Italian musical panorama, Tony Tammaro represents a unique figure, an artist who knew blend humor with music in an original way. His career, which began in the 80s, is full of successes which have marked entire generations. His ability to create songs that combine catchy rhythms with satirical lyrics has made him famous far beyond the borders of Campania.

“La Grande Notte dei Tamarri 2”: a concert not to be missed

The concert “La grande notte dei tamarri 2”, which will take place at Palapartenope Theater, is a true celebration of Tammaro's art. The theatre, located in Via Barbagallo 115, is known for its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere, ideal for concerts of this type.

Waiting for Tammaro on stage means expecting his most famous songs, from "O' trerrote" to "Supersantos" and perhaps some surprises that only an artist of his caliber can offer.

Tickets for the concert

Tony Tammaro's concert at “La Grande Notte dei Tamarri 2” offers several ticket options, designed to satisfy every type of fan. The soul of the concert is already clear from the names given to the various types of tickets.

  1. Chiattill' – Poltronissima: At 40 euros, these tickets offer the best viewing and optimal listening experience.
  2. People at Level – Armchair: These seats, at 34,50 euros, combine comfort and a good view.
  3. Tamarrì Enriched – First Chair: For 30 euros, you can enjoy the concert with an excellent quality-price ratio.
  4. Muort and Famm – First Side Seat: At 28,75 euros, these tickets offer the cheapest alternative

The categories “Vulenn Putenn Pavann – Second Side Seat” e “Cafonazzi – Numbered Tribune” they are not available, now sold out.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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