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The Veiled Christ in Naples

Christ veiled in Naples

The statue of the Veiled Christ

La Statue of the Veiled Christ, created by the sculptor Giuseppe Sanmartino in the 1753, is preserved in the San Severo Chapel, in the heart of historic Naples.

It is a work of art that, due to its unparalleled beauty, attracts tourists from all parts of the world and is considered the "2006"Monument symbol of the Neapolitan city".


The sculptor succeeded, working on a single block of marble, to give life to a statue life size (180x80x50 cm) representing the lifeless body of Jesus Christ covered by an extraordinary transparent veil in marble, lying on a bed.
The artist 's greatness lies in the fact of having been able to represent all the details of the tormented body, the vein swollen on the forehead, the signs of the scourging, the sinking of the ribs through the transparency game.

A unique work in the world that has aroused much curiosity in the scientific field because of the legend according to which the veil would not have been carved in marble but would have been obtained through a chemical process of marbling.

Describe The Veiled Christ with few words is not possible, one must come to see it in order to perceive spirituality and appreciate it softness with which the artist wanted to represent the death of the one who gave his life for the salvation of human beings.

Cappella Sansevero opening times

  • Everyday: 9.00 - 18.30
  • Saturday 9.00 - 20.30
  • Last allowed input 30 min. before closing
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • For extraordinary openings and closures consult Site of the Sansevero Chapel

How to get to the Sansevero Chapel

Address and prices

Address: Museo Cappella Sansevero, via Francesco De Sanctis, 19 / 21 - 80134 Naples


  • Ordinary ticket: € 7,00
  • Boys from 10 to 25 years: € 5,00
  • Artecard: € 5,00
  • FAI members: € 5,00
  • Schools: € 3,00 (rate valid only on weekdays)
  • Children up to 9 years: free
  • Audio guide: € 3,50

Directions to arrive

  • By car: starting from Piazza Garibaldi turn right into Corso Novara, then left into via Casanova, turn right into via Cesare Rosaroll, at the crossroads with via Foria turn left, proceed on Piazza Cavour then on Piazza Museo, turn left into via Enrico Pessina, then left again in via Broggia, left again in via S. Maria di Costantinopoli, turn right into vico S. Aniello a Caponapoli, turn right into Sant'Andrea delle Dame, continue on vico Luigi De Crecchio and proceed along Via del Sole. From here continue on foot following the signs.
  • By bus: from the station you can take the C82 which will stop in via Nuova Marina, at the intersection with via Porta di Massa, then continue on foot following the signs.
  • On the train: those arriving at the Naples Central Station can take a taxi or rent a car and follow the route previously described. If you do not want to drive, take the 2 metro line to the station with a stop in Piazza Cavour and continue on foot following the signs.
  • By plane: Once you reach Capodichino airport, take a taxi or rent a car. In the second case, enter the A56 and continue until the 5 exit, proceed on Corso Amedeo di Savoia, then via S. Teresa degli Scalzi and via Enrico Pessina, then turn left into via Broggia, then from this point follow the directions explained previously.


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Veiled Christ

The Veiled Christ in Naples, a Neapolitan opera that has an international success.
Address: San Severo Chapel
City: Naples
Region: Campania
Nation: Italy
Phone: +390815518470
Coordinates: 40.8492951,14.2548837
Hours for visitors (updated to 7 June 2019):
  • Monday: -
  • Wednesday: -
  • Thursday: -
  • Friday: -
  • Saturday: -
  • Sunday: -
Official Website:
Ticket price for visitors (updated to 7 June 2019):
  • Ordinary ticket | 8€
  • Ticket for children aged between 10 and 25 years | 5€
  • Minors of 10 years | 0€
  • School trips the cost (per student, one teacher free for each 10 student) | 4€
  • Artecard | 6€
  • FAI Members | 6€
  • Disabled person with guide (two tickets) | 5€
Types of payment accepted: cash, credit card, debit card,
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