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Naples Capodichino International Airport

capodichino airport

Capodichino is the first airport of our country which was subject to privatization, when it was entirely managed by the same company that also takes care of those in London: the Gesac.

However, since 2010 has returned to being Italian, thanks to the purchase of the 65 percent of the shares by F2i, acronym of Italian Funds for Infrastructures.

In our article we will go into the merits of this airport, we do not do it so much to talk about it, but because it is one of the most beautiful and best ever.

A structure that also envies foreign countries, and is an important stop not only at world level, but among the first at European level. Here is a tour inside theNaples Capodichino airport:

There are two terminals, one of these is dedicated to departures for charter flights. Between the two terminals, the 1 number has been renewed in very recent times and also expanded, as in recent years it has found itself having to manage a growing number of passengers.

When we realized that it was no longer suitable for incoming flows, we could not do otherwise than intervene to expand it. One of the interesting things about this airport is that it has 6 parking areas, one of which is completely underground and can be accessed directly from the terminal. In total the airport is able to host 1408 cars.

Thanks to the fact that there is the exit of the Naples ring road that leads to the airport, and it crosses all the main districts, the same can be reached from almost all areas of the city. In addition to this system, it can also be reached by public transport, by bus, or by taxi, thanks to the stations outside and near the airport itself.

Capodichino is connected to all the main airports of the European continent, and presents many destination opportunities, like the world traffic airports of very large foreign cities, just to name an example New York. The airport is the base of arrival for large airlines, we are talking about Alitalia, Air Italy, Easyjet, but also Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia and Blue Air. Since 2016, Ryanair has also joined the airport.

The Capodichino airport of Naples, is also at the forefront of being the first to have seen the birth of a newly designed hotel. Indeed, on 11 January 2017 the first capsule hotel in Italy was inaugurated at the airport. High-density hotel system, which consists in offering people a sort of capsule of two meters in length and one in width (usually includes a small television) which is naturally turned to simple use for sleeping (a sort of bunk).

The 13 Jun 2017, Naples Capodichino airport won an award very important and of great prestige: the "Aci Europe Award". Obtained to be the best in the 5-10 mln category of passengers in Europe.

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Naples International Airport

Capodichino is the first airport in our country that has been subject to privatization, the only one in the metropolitan city of Naples.
Address: Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria, 80144 Naples, Italy
City: Naples
Region: Campania
Country: Italy
Phone: +390817896111
logo Naples International Airport
Coordinates: 40.8829943,14.2865792
Operating hours: open h24
Official Website:
View on Google Maps

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