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The Rione Terra in Pozzuoli (Naples)

Rione Terra in Pozzuoli (Naples)

The Rione Terra

The Rione Terra is the heart of the city of Pozzuoli.

Inhabited since 2nd century BC it was placed in an elevated position in order to keep the surrounding territory under control both in the maritime and in the terrestrial routes.

Da Strabo we know that at this point the primitive port of the Greeks of Cuma stood, while in Roman times Pozzuoli will be the main port of Rome, before the construction of the one in Ostia.

In the 1970 the Rione Terra was abandoned due to bradyseismic phenomena that hit the area, to which were added the poor hygienic conditions that housed there. The bradyseism caused further damage in 1980, aggravated in the same year by the Irpinia earthquake.

Following restoration and redevelopment of both the Rione and the archaeological itinerary underlying from the Roman era, from the 2014 it was opened and made visitable.

Information on the Rione Terra

Archaeological site opening hours:

  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays with admission every hour from 9 to 12 and from 13: 30 to 16: 30
  • The ticket office closes half an hour earlier
  • Book by calling 081 19936286 - 19936287 from Monday to Sunday, at the same times, or go on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to the Infopoint in Rione Terra from 9 to 17.

Price tickets for the archaeological site:

  • € 5,00 full ticket;
  • € 2,50 discounted ticket per person for groups of at least 15 people; young people between 18 and 25 years, for teachers of state schools.
  • free (in addition to the usual categories exempted from paying the ticket for the visit to the monuments) to the minors of 18 years, to the residents of Pozzuoli aged under 25 and over 65 years, to the disabled and to their companion, to schools up to a maximum of 75 bookings per day. Also the first Sunday of the month


How to get:

  • Address: Largo seat of port, Rione Terra - Pozzuoli
  • L2 metro line: Pozzuoli station (about 14 minutes on foot) 152 bus: Pozzuoli stop | Cumana: Pozzuoli stop | SEPSA Naples bus - Monte di Procida - Torregaveta, Pozzuoli stop
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The Rione Terra in Pozzuoli

The Rione Terra represents the heart of the city of Pozzuoli. Inhabited since the XNUMXnd century BC, it was placed in an elevated position in order to keep the territory under control
Address: Wide port seat
City: Pozzuoli
Region: Campania
Country: Italy
Phone: 08119936286 or 19936287
Email: [email protected]
Hours for visitors (updated to 2 August 2021):

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