Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 4 to 8 March

Ida cries in A Place in the Sun
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A Place in the Sun is experiencing a moment of particular upheavals! And it will be the same too from Monday 4 to Friday 8 March 2024: the previews, in fact, are very clear, and we will see some really good ones! There will be those who will rejoice, those who will be tormented by a choice (perhaps wrong!), those who will be afraid and those who, again, will form a beautiful friendship. Curious to know more? Follow us, we are about to reveal very juicy details!

Bad news for Ida

Life has never given the young woman anything going, ever since she was forced to live in absolute economic hardship in Poland. Even now that she is in Naples, at Palazzo Palladini, the Ferris influence her life, preventing her from living as she would like. Here, now, another one bad news will come to upset her. A phone call will inform you that the father's health condition will have worsened.

Diego and Ida increasingly distant in A Place in the Sun

How many times, in a difficult moment, has finding a person who stands by us represented a lifeline in our life? That's exactly what he'll try to do Diego towards Ida. When young Jordan comes to knowledge of the father's deterioration of the girl, he will want to be close to her but, as always, Ida it will raise a real barrier, almost preventing him from being close to her as he would like.

Niko carefree in the snow, Manuela jealous of him

La ski holiday will go well. Despite the unexpected meeting they had (who could this person be?) for Niko and Jimmy (more for the former than for the latter) everything will continue for the best. Father and son will be able to enjoy the deserved relaxation! In the meantime, someone will be in the throes of real trouble crisis of jealousy towards the young Poggi. We anticipate that it will be about Manuela. Cirillo will literally be in a frenzy!

Manuel and Luca: the birth of a beautiful friendship in Un Posto al Sole

The arrival of Manuel on the Terrace together with mother Rosa it will literally change the little one's way of life. Precisely this event, previously completely unexpected, will be the opportunity, for Luke, to open up a little more. It won't be a coincidence if a relationship will be established between him and little Renda right away beautiful relationship made of incredible complicity.

Fear in A Place in the Sun for Irene

Irene will continue to experience a moment of particular fragility emotional which the influencer who follows on social media, completely secretly, will be able to take advantage of very well. A situation not easy to deal with for Serena and Filippo who, after several attempts, will still be groping in the dark and will have absolutely no idea how to behave. All this will then begin to create important differences between the Sartori couple: How will they now tell the little girl that she has an appointment with the psychologist?

Eduardo finds out about Alberto and Clara

Eduardo is seriously in love with Clara. It is no coincidence that for the woman he has decided to turn himself in, if for her he is facing the days in prison with her promise that, in the end, he would find her waiting for him. But will it really be like this? While Sabbiese will even turn his back on her sister (to whom we saw him deny important help) Clara will go to live at Alberto's house.

A choice that could change her life since she could fall back into the vicious circle from which, months ago, she had struggled to escape. Eduardo will then find out about this gesture from Rosa's mouth and it will literally stay without words. Same reaction for Clara: she will know that Sabbiese knows everything and she will feel bad about it. How to remedy the issue? We'll find out very soon!

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