Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 4 to 8 March

Ida and Marina A Place in the Sun
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This week promises to be full of twists and turns and super emotions Un Posto al Sole from 4 to 8 March 2024. Between dramas, jealousies, new emotions and burning truths, we will see some really good ones! One of the main protagonists will certainly be Ida: while her father's condition will worsen, the girl will still be breathing down Roberto and Marina's neck. But that won't be all! Curious to know more? Follow us because we are about to reveal all the details, day after day.

UPAS, plot of the episode of Monday 4 March 2024

Having been defined as little Tommy's grandmother will have shocked Marina a lot who will think back to this motherhood perhaps too late. Very bad news for Ida: her father's health conditions will have worsened! If Diego tries to stay close to her, she will only raise a wall: if she, in fact, accepted, Roberto would make her pay. While she will continue her holiday on the Poggi, between Luca and Manuel, on the Terrace, one will be born beautiful friendship.

A Place in the Sun, episode plot of Tuesday 5 March 2024

Se Niko and Jimmy will have fun in Trentino, the boy's distance will do make Manuela very jealous. Her father's health conditions will absorb Ida and she will push her further and further away Diego and a hard blow for Raffaele's son: how will he ever be able to stem these attitudes of Ida who knows very well that they absolutely do not depend on his will?

UPAS, episode plot of Wednesday 6 March 2024

An episode, this one A Place in the Sun, which will amaze us! Will be Pink to leave us speechless with one completely unexpected choice! New unexpected meeting for Niko and ever-increasing jealousy for Manuela. Irene will continue to worry a lot Serena and Filippo. By now it will be clear that this is a serious situation and that it will be necessary to get the upper hand as soon as possible. But how? It won't be easy since the Sartori couple will arrive first discussions.

A Place in the Sun, plot of Thursday 7 March 2024

Clara and Albertonow they live in the same house and, despite his promises, we have seen that the lawyer Palladini is in no hurry to leave his apartment. Alberto's closeness will lead Clara to fall back into the dramas of the past! Eduardo, in the meantime, will know nothing and will try to contact his beloved. Harsh truth for Irene who will have to face an unexpected decision from mom and dad: he will have to go to the psychologist to try to solve his problems!

UPAS, plot of Friday 8 March 2024

Mariella will be furious with Guido. Her couch potato attitude won't go down well with her to the point that she will be determined to make him pay by using Bice to do it! Dramatic and unexpected situation for Rossella who will have to bring help to someone she would never have thought of of having to help. Rosa will have revealed to Eduardo that Clara is with Alberto at her house and when Curcio finds out it will be a hard blow for her. What will he do now? And, above all, how will Sabbiese manage?

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