Men and Women: Gianni Sperti falls from his chair and displaces everyone

Half-length photo of Gianni Sperti seated during an episode of Men and Women

During one of the last episodes of Men and Women, Gianni Sperti he literally found himself slumped to the ground, with his legs in the air. To the general amazement, the first to notice everything was Tina Cipollari. But what really happened? Was it something serious? Is the columnist okay?

What happened and how Gianni Sperti fell

There was talk of the throne Over to Men and Women when Gianni Sperti it is literally ended up on the ground. The columnist, in fact, expressed his (negative) opinion on Alexander Proximity, at that moment at the study center together with Gloria, underlining why he would never, ever want to be like him and accusing him, in some ways, of changing his mind a little too often when it comes to women and related acquaintances (just a few days ago the boy had declared that he was still interested in Ida).

Everything stops when Gianni Sperti, suddenly, she collapses with her back to the ground and plays them in the air. A scene that amazes everyone in the studio and which perplexes (and at first worried) above all Tina, the first to notice everything.

How is Gianni Sperti: a fortuitous fall or a gimmick to involve?

Nothing to worry about, however, since that of the columnist seems to be alone an improvised one to entertain. Immediately after, in fact, he got up and settled back in his chair, among the amused glances of the audience.

The social networks go crazy for the gimmick of Gianni Sperti

Needless to say, what happened in the broadcast has from immediately caught the attention of men & women fans and Gianni Sperti fans. Many have wondered about the because of this gesture even if the most observant attribute this attitude to Sperti's habit of falling to the ground when he can't take it anymore of a conversation. Evidently the words of Alessandro Vicinanza were starting to bore him a bit!

For others, the recall would be one ruinous fall of Sperti during an episode of the evening of Friends of 2008. On that occasion, as a dancer, he had missed a choreography and literally "crashed" on the floor. What will the real motivation be? For now it is not known but one thing is certain: this found has literally turned on the fans.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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