Verissimo, guests and interviews on Saturday 30nd and Sunday 31rd March

Silvia Toffanin Very true

Here we are at the long-awaited weekend. With this they will arrive, today Saturday 30th and tomorrow, Sunday 31st March 2024, two new appointments with Verissimo! Precisely on the weekend which corresponds with the Easter holidays, among other things, the previews predict two episodes full of special guests and interviews that will keep us glued to the TV screen. The Sunday episode, then, will be completely dedicated to Big Brother. Curious to find out the details? Follow us!

Very true, the guests of Saturday 30 March 2024

The Easter weekend will begin with a bang, thanks to the interviews with which Silvia Toffanin will reveal some of the most well-known characters in the world of entertainment. Here's who will speak in the first episode, that of Saturday.

  • Veronica Gentiles, arriving directly from the management of "Hyenas" where he is experiencing a particular period of his life.
  • Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga, met and fell in love during Big Brother VIP of 2021. The couple is experiencing a particularly happy moment thanks to the announced expectation of their first child.
  • Rector, an icon of Italian music, will be Toffanin's guest to retrace his entire life, both in his private life and in a career that has left its mark on the hearts of all of us.
  • Directly from the evening show of Friends of Maria DeFilippi, eliminated from the first evening, they will arrive Ayle e Fist. Both will talk about the exciting experience inside the school, the feelings after the elimination and the plans for the future.
  • Martin Castrogiovanni, great protagonist in You are Vales he will tell his story and he will do it, for the first time, together with his beloved wife Daniela.
  • The actress Maria Esposito will be the protagonist of an unmissable moment. The young woman will talk about her book “A light in the alleys” but not only that: certainly interesting details on the history with Geolier they will come to the surface.

Silvia Toffanin's guests on Sunday 31 March 2024

Sunday March 31, on Easter Day, Verissimo will be broadcast with a very special episode. In fact, it will be dedicated entirely to Big Brother.

She will be in the studio, Pearl Vatiero, the winner, who will give her first ever interview. But not only! All the finalists will also arrive to enliven the afternoon of Canale 5, that is Beatrice Luzzi, Rosy Chin, Maximilian Varrese, Simona Cuts, Greta Rossetti, Letizia Petris and Sergio D'Ottavi. They will return as guests of Silvia Toffanin also Paolo Masella e Giuseppe Garibaldi. The love story between Perla and Mirko BrunettiThen, it will certainly catalyze the attention of all the fans.

The ingredients for two afternoons to enjoy are all there. The appointment is for today and tomorrow, starting at 16pm on Canale 30.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Verissimo
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